Mehmet II, Sultan of Tungristan

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Mehmet II
File:Crown Prince Mehmet, 2022.jpg
Sultan of Tungristan
Reign24 September 2022 – present
PredecessorMahmud III
Heir apparentOsman
4th Prime Minister of Tungristan
Assumed office12 September 2022 – 25 September 2022
PredecessorMahmud Güluz (1998)
Successor"Office abolished"
MonarchMahmud III
SpouseSumal Malek
IssueCrown Prince Osman
FatherMahmud III
MotherFatima bint Ali

Mehmet II (born Mehmet Hemeti; Ikhsen: مەھمەت يېمەكلىكلەر) is the 5th Sultan of Tungristan since 2022 and along with the title Prime Minister of Tungristan only in 2022.

Early life

Mehmet Hemeti was born on the 28 December 1999 in Carshalton to Crown Prince Mahmud (future Mahmud III) & Fatima bint Ali. Due to the Post Revolutionary era in Tungristan, in his birth certificate it said he was born in Paris on the 28 December 2000 making him 21 but he is actually 22. He started nursery and attended Muschamp Primary School because it was closer to his house. He and his parents were nearly assassinated under the orders of Chairman Ibrahim Istanğlu in 2004 while they were in Westminister. The men were arrested on charges for murder and were sent to prison. He attended Oaks Park High School after he finished primary.

Crown Prince

Mehmet was Crown Prince of Tungristan when his grandfather Mahmud II died of Covid-19 in August 2020. He made changes for the exiled Sultanate by training the soldiers & trying to gain support as well as trying to open up the Peoples Republic of Tungristan to it's people after over 2 decades of isolation & terror by making a Imperialist-backed branch of the Imperial Army of Tungristan named the Cyberforce of Tungristan in 2021, a hacking group which tried to open the country of Tungristan with links, emails etc. Ibrahim Istanğlu banned the group a month after it was leaked but more hackers from the cyberforce under orders of Crown Prince Mehmet hacked the government website (now closed by the hackers).

After Ibrahim Istanğlu's death, the Tunceli Insurgency began with people revolting & the Imperial Army entering Harikaşehir with the capture of Ali Tatglu & escape of Ahmet Aliyev. They are still wanted today for human right abuse. Mehmet's father moved out of Carshalton & given the property to Mehmet's sister, Princess Shahnaz. Mehmet moved with his parents to Tungristan & Mahmud was crowned Sultan of Tungristan on 15 September 2022 after the Fajr prayers. A few days later, Mahmud abdicated as Sultan because "he did too much for the people".


On 24 September 2022 Mahmud III abdicated leaving Mehmet with the throne making him Mehmet II of Tungristan. This meant he would resign as Prime Minister & Chancellor of Foreign Affairs of Tungristan.