Kingdom of Granby

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Royaume de Granby
Kingdom of Granby
Je maintiendrai!
Je maintiendrai!
Anthem: "Gens du Pays"
Royal Anthem: God Save the King
Sovereign state Dominion of Granby
and largest city
Granby City
Official languagesEnglish and French English
  • Granbian
GovernmentConstitutional Parliamentary Monarchy
• King
Frederyk Bergeron
Gaelle Marchand
LegislatureParliament of Granby
• Upper House
Council of State
• House of Commons
House of Commons
• Total
206.3 km2 (79.7 sq mi)
• Estimate
• 2024 census
CurrencyGranby's Pound
Time zoneEST
 • Summer (DST)
Eastern Standard Time|EST EST
Date formatDD/MM/YYYY
Driving sideright
Calling code1
Postal Code

Granby known as well as the Kingdom of Granby is a micronation located in Quebec, more precisely in Eastern Quebec within the Eastern Townships.

As of 2024, the system of government is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy with a monarch (King or Queen) as Head of State. The role of the monarch nowadays is mainly constitutional but also symbolic due to the restrictions that the constitution puts in place in front of the monarch. The Prime Minister of Granby is the Head of Government who holds the power to govern alongside the King. Given the executive parliamentary system, the King has some major executive powers in addition to his ceremonial, symbolic and constitutional responsibilities.

The Head of State is since 2024, His Majesty King Marc-Antoine, born Marc-Antoine de Huet, on February 16, 2006 (18 years old), he is the first monarch and Head of State since the transformation into a micronation. The citizens elect their deputies representing their administrative sectors in the National Parliament. The monarch then "nominates" his prime minister (this is symbolic) since the monarch chooses the leader of the party with the confidence of the national assembly. The Prime Minister is the Head of Government and heads the Executive Cabinet on behalf of the King.


The Dominion of Granby was previously a city within the Province of Quebec. Until 2023, the city of Granby was proud to belong to Quebec. In January 2023, when Quebec decided to impose measures considered unconstitutional.

The citizens of Granby took the situation into their own hands and demanded the proclamation of independence. Granby has obviously remained a constitutional monarchy with a symbolic and constitutional monarch. After the fall of the Provisional Government, the Mailly family stood out from the crowd and won the trust of the population. The new royal family thus gained the right to rule the country. Frank, Prince of Orange had first received the proposal to become King, but this proposal was declined. The crown therefore passed to his son, Mark, also Prince of Orange.

By the beginning of 2024, the population had felt the need to be represented in a democratically elected chamber compared to the Council of State appointed to it. The monarch then decided to comply with the demands of his subjects and authorized the creation of the newly formed, House of Commons. The Council of State then became a 100% symbolic body. The population had also demanded an elected government and a new constitution. At the beginning of March, a government was set up and the monarch, as Head of State, appointed Eliot Carrier to become Prime Minister and thus be able to represent the people in Parliament. After Sir Carrier resignation from office. The Monarch appointed Sir Alex Leblanc, leader of the English Party (Granby) to form a government in his name. Following the General Elections of June 2024, the Prime Minister Alex Leblanc resigned per tradition to let Frederyk Bergeron form a government in the name of His Majesty.

Administrative Regions

Region Flag Size Official Main Settlement Code Sovereign State
Dominion of Granby
Center Granby
2.405km2 Administrator: TBA Queen Victoria's Park CGB Granby
North Granby
15.887km2 Administrator: TBA None (since 2024) NGB Granby
West Granby
26.887km2 Administrator: TBA Castel House WGB Granby
South Granby
33.241km2 Administrator: TBA South Government House SGB Granby
East Granby
67.241km2 Administrator: TBA Eastern Government House EGB Granby
St-Alphonse de Granby
50.2km2 Administrator:

Sir. Eliot Carrier

Government House of St-Alphonse SAG Granby