George II, Emperor of Atlantium

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George II
of Atlantium
Emperor of Atlantium
1st Emperor of Atlantium
Reign27 November 1981 - present
PredecessorPosition established
BornNew South Wales,Australia
HouseThe Imperial House of Cruickshank
FatherGeorge Francis Cruishank I
ReligionRoman Catholic
SignatureGeorge II of Atlantium's signature

Emperor George Francis Cruickshank II, known as George Francis Cruickshank before becoming Monarch, is the current Emperor of the Empire of Atlantium and the head of the House of Cruikshank. He is an active micronationalist.

Early life

George II was was born in Darlinghurst, Sydney on 7 December 1966, and was the eldest child of his father of Scottish heritage and Egyptian-born mother of Maltese heritage.[1]

He was raised with two siblings in the lower middle class south western Sydney suburbs of Panania and Narwee, where he attended local Catholic junior and secondary schools.

Personal life

The old symbol of state of the Empire of Atlantium from 1982-2000

He attended Charles Sturt University and completed an Arts degree in 1987.

He has worked for Worldcom/UUNET and AAPT Telecommunications, and is a member of the Australian Institute of Management.

He founded and became Emperor of the Empire of Atlantium on 27 November 1981.[2]


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