Imperial Majesty

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Imperial Majesty (His/Her Imperial Majesty, abbreviated as HIM) is a style used by Emperors and Empresses. The style is used to distinguish the status of an emperor/empress from that of a king/queen, who are simply styled Majesty (HM) or Royal Majesty (HRM).

Today the style is used by the Emperor and Empress of Japan, the Emperor of Austenasia, the Emperor of Militarmia, the Sultan of Tungristan, the Kaiseress of Freya, the Urielandish monarchy, the Tsar of the Great Lawl Reich, the Emperor of Pavlov, and also by the exiled Empress Farah Pahlavi of Iran, the Empire of Myrotania, the Emperor of Paravia, the Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia, the Emperor of Shorewell, the Imperial Sovereign of Econia and the monarchs of Forestri and the Supreme Emperor of the united duchies of Spainshtan uses a variation which is HSIM "His Supreme Imperial Majesty" (HSIM)