Tunceli monarchy

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Sultan of Tungristan
تاڭستاننىڭ سۇلتانى (Ikhsen)
File:Crown Prince Mehmet, 2022.jpg
Mehmet II
since 24 Sep 2022
StyleHis Majesty
Heir apparentUnknown
First monarchAbdulaziz
Formation7 June 1911
ResidencePalace of Abdulaziz, Tungristan

The Tunceli monarchy (Ikhsen: روژدېستۋو بايرىمى), mostly known as the Sultan of Tungristan (Ikhsen: تاڭستاننىڭ سۇلتانى) is the head of state and monarch of the Sultanates of Tungristan from 1911 to 1998 and again since 2022.