Sultanate of Tungristan

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Sultanate of Tungristan
تانگوستان سۇلتان (Ikhsen)
Flag of Sultanate of Tungristan
Coat of arms of Sultanate of Tungristan
Coat of arms
Anthem: "دۆلەت بىخەتەرلىكى"
Benim Welat
My Homeland (English)
Location of Sultanate of Tungristan
and largest city
Official languagesIkhsen
GovernmentUnitary absolute monarchy
• Monarch
Mehmet II
Ali Tatlan
Zaid Tatlin
• 2022 census
7,077 (as official citizens)
23,000 (as honorary subjects)
CurrencyTunceli sultana
Driving sideright
Calling code+90
Preceded by
Peoples Republic of Tungristan

The Sultanate of Tungristan (Ikhsen: تانگوستان سۇلتان) is a micronation located in Central Turkey and was formed in 2022 after the Tunceli Insurgency.



In 1911, a revolt led by Abdulaziz Hemeti, a Kurdish tea barista in the Tunceli area who was identified a terrorist after supporting the Kurds of Tunceli Movement (KTM), a organisation for Kurdish freedoms after the fall of the Kurdish Sayeed dyansty in 1865, and Ibrahim II, became Hüküprens of Tunceli after he was elected. Abdulaziz joined the KTM and established a proto-state in the area, the Kurdish Republic of Tunceli, the predecessor state of Tungristan & after the Corfu Agreement, the Sultanate of Tungristan was formed and Abdulaziz became Sultan of Tungristan.

WW1 & WW2

Tungristan supported the Ottoman Empire in WW1 but after the Ottomans lost, Abdulaziz was captured by British forces and was sent to South Africa in exile for 4 years until Mustafa Kemal Atatürk ordered him to return to Turkey. In WW2, Mehmet I backed the Allies and supported them but in 1947, 2 years after the end of WW2, Mehmet was shot by Nazi Ludwig Ruckdeschel in 1947 leading Ludwig to be arrested for 13 years. Mehmet was succeeded by his son, Mahmud I.

Succeeding of the Hukuprensite

After the Act of Abolition due to Ibrahim III abdicated as Hüküprens of Tunceli, the state fell apart into anarchy and the parliament of the state said that Tungristan will take the territories of the fallen Tunceli state. Mahmud I said in a speech to the parliament of Tunceli, "I am thanked of the role you gave me but I must take the territory into the Sultanate."

Tunceli Revolution

Ibrahim Istanğlu, a revolutionary ordered that Mahmud II abdicated. Mahmud declined it and then protests began & royal guards switched sides. Mahmud's cousin, Prince Mustafa went missing during the revolution but a dvd showed footage of him tortured then killed by GLT rebels. Mustafa's body was thrown to the Tunceli Sea by protesters in 2021.

Modern day Tungristan

The revolution ended and a Post Revolutionary era began with torture & fear spreading until 2007 when Ahmet Aliyev made a vote to end the era and form the Takluinin era from 2007 to 2022. The Tunceli Insurgency lasted for only 1 day and Mahmud III won and abolished the Peoples Republic of Tungristan replacing it with today's government. When Mahmud III abdicated, Mehmet II took over.