Kevin I of Blazdonia

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Kevin I
Portrait of King Kevin I
King of Blazdonia
Reign5 April 2021 – present
PredecessorMonarchy established
Prime MinisterAislinn Tanaka
Chief of Defence Staff of Ameristralia
Assumed office
15 February 2022
Chairman of the Micronationalist Martial Art Association
Assumed office
16 July 2021
DeputyMo I
Chairman of the Organization of Asian and Oceanic Micronations
Assumed office
8 January 2022
DeputyDavid Brooke
Minister for Social Media of the Micronational Community of Australia
In office
23 October 2021 – 5 April 2022
PresidentZechariah O'Hair
Born21 September 2005 (2005-09-21) (age 18)
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Kevin Doan
FatherEddie Doan
MotherDiem Hoang-Le
Personal details
CitizenshipBlazdonian and 16 others
RelativesPrinces; James(late), Jonathan and Timothy (siblings)
ResidencesRoyal Palace, Salt Point City, Blazdonia
Military service
Allegiance Blazdonia
Branch/service Royal Blazdonian Army
 Royal Blazdonian Navy
 Royal Blazdonian Air Force
RankCommander in chief of Royal Blazdonian Military
Styles of
King Kevin I
Reference styleHis Illustrious Royal Exalted Excellent Majesty
Spoken styleYour Majesty

Kevin I (Kevin Doan; born 21 September 2005) is King of the Kingdom of Blazdonia and all other Common-pride realms.

Kevin was born at Brisbane Mater Hospital, QLD, Australia, as the first child of Mr. Eddie Doan and Mrs. Diem Hoang-Le.

Kevin is the first and reigning King and Sovereign of the Kingdom of Blazdonia and has occupied the throne since the foundation of the nation on 5 April 2021. Apart from his involvement within Blazdonia, he is a politician in Ameristralia leading the Patriotic Appreciation Coalition as the Chair since 5 November 2021 until Ameristralia abolished the use of parties, and a politician in Norton, leading the Monarchist Party as of early January 2022 until Norton became a monarchy.

Kevin Doan was appointed as the Vishwamitran Ambassador to Lurdentania on 4 December 2021.

Personal life and education

Kevin Doan was born on 21 September 2005 in Queensland, Australia, to Mr. Eddie Doan and Mrs. Diem Hoang-Le. His nationality is Vietnamese-Australian-American. His current studies are focused on high school, but he expects to begin his university classes in 2023. As well as sports education, legal studies, and business studies, he is particularly interested in political science. He has also taken courses in swimming and martial arts. Kevin has always been business-minded and has developed many business ideas, including those in health, recreation, gaming, and automobiles. He has perused his options and has expressed interest in pursuing a degree to become a film producer during university while taking a degree in business administration. Despite this, he has acknowledged his continued commitment to his role as a king of a nation until the time comes when the title is transferred to an heir, which would be a very long time in the distant future.

Public perception and character

Kevin doesn't do interviews very often, therefore little is known about his personal sentiments. He hasn't made any public statements about his political views and questioning or sharing those views is generally frowned upon. In Blazdonia, His Majesty has remained apolitical and has no intentions to change his mind. The Blazdonians hold him in high regard and admire him. Many people have seen him advocate for national acceptance of variations in sexual orientation and religion, among other issues.

Micronational career

Kevin Doan began his micronational career with the foundation of the Kingdom of Blazdonia in April 2021. He became the nation's first King and has been reigning since then. He also serves as the delegate for Blazdonia in the Cupertino Alliance and in the Citadel Accords.

Apart from being the King of Blazdonia, Kevin plays a proactive role in the Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia where he is currently leading the Patriotic Appreciation Coalition as the Chair since 5 November 2021. The Patriotic Appreciation Coalition is a national political party in the nation and is expected to contest the upcoming municipal elections under his leadership. He has also been serving as a diplomat for Vishwamitra and was appointed as the nation's Ambassador to Lurdentania on 4 December 2021. He also runs and is a proactive member of a second political party in The State of Norton, that being The Monarchist Party. The primary aim of the party is the transition of the State of Norton from a Republic into a Constitutional Monarchy. If they succeed, the monarch (Supreme Regent) would serve as the ceremonial Head of State & Commander in chief of the armed forces, instead of the President of the State of Norton. Likewise, the position of Prime Minister of the State of Norton would be replaced by a Chief Minister. As leader of both parties, Kevin has put commitment into each party's goals and interests in their respective nations and is expected to increase involvement in the coming months. Kevin is also a part of several micronational institutions and associations that can be found further down the article. These institutions and associations include The Micronational Community of Australia, The Micronationalist Martial Art Association, The Cupertino Alliance, The Organization of Asian and Oceanic Micronations, and many others. Kevin, as a micronationalist, has been involved in the community beyond his duties in alliances and as a sovereign. He has helped many people and nations internally and has been known to give pointers to others who are starting their own nation. He is also a citizen in the Pinangese Republic, serving as a professor at the University of Pinang where he teaches Vietnamese as another language.

Assent to throne

In April 2021, not long after the Blazdonian monarchy was officially created, Kevin had been ascended to the status of king and given full reign over the country.

Managing evolution of the Common-pride

The evolution started with the five states of Blazdonia uniting as one federal kingdom under the crown and bearing the name and ideologies.

COVID-19 pandemic

Before beginning his work in Blazdonia, Kevin took precautions to prevent him from getting into touch with the virus and catching it. He has never stopped, and he shows no sign of stopping any time soon. In the first few months of Blazdonia's existence, Kevin put into place a number of restrictions that were intended to protect the populace and decrease the severity of the effects of the pandemic. In the end, the dosages from Pfizer were sufficient to immunise him.

Life in Blazdonia and its development

Kevin Doan began his micronational career in April 2021, when he founded the Kingdom of Blazdonia. He became the country's first King and has ruled ever since. He also represents Blazdonia in the Cupertino Alliance and the Citadel Accords as a delegate. In establishing a sovereign nation, his fundamental purpose was to make people feel linked and united in a same cause. His most prominent and fruitful proposal, which he felt was in his best interests, was to construct a democratic absolute monarchy. When Blazdonia was created, Kevin worked fast to secure all of the nation's fundamental needs, including a constitution, legislature, flag and coat of arms, an anthem, and progress towards a population and infrastructure. Soon after, the minister of defence and prime minister were chosen, followed by the minister of healthcare. Only the ministry of foreign affairs remained without a minister among the ministries that had been filled. Instead of appointing a minister, Kevin, as monarch, resolved to take on those duties himself and established a diplomatic corps. Blazdonia quickly became involved in international affairs, establishing treaties and joining some of the most powerful organisations in the micronational world. Not to mention signing Vishwamitra and Queensland recognition forms. The population has gradually risen and is predicted to continue rising in the near future, not deviating from its existing trend. The monarch has established a number of national honours, orders, and prizes, which he has bestowed on numerous people who have excelled in each category. According to reports, the Kingdom is planning to join the MOF in mid-2022.

Life in Ameristralia

His Sovereign Eminence, The Lord Mayor, David Brooke, granted Kevin Ameristralian citizenship in mid-2021. The fact that Kevin was an Aussie American was enough for David to give him citizenship. In Ameristralia, Kevin does a lot of things. He is a foreign dignitary, an army soldier, a political party leader, the chief of defence staff, a former member of the municipal assembly, a member of the privy council, a member of the national security council, and a peer as a Baron. For his achievements and accomplishments, he has earned several accolades, medals, and ribbons.

Life in Norton

Kevin first met the president of the State of Norton, Rafe Burfield, when he contacted him to establish diplomatic ties. He then petitioned for citizenship on his own volition. He is the Nortonian Justice Secretary and a Deputy at the moment. He is the Nortonian Monarchist Party's second chair. The NMP wants to change Norton from a republic to a monarchy, with a monarch replacing the president. The ceremonial monarch is Alexander I.

Life in Vishwamitra

Kevin saw Vishwamitra for the first time on two different occasions: for citizenship and to sign a diplomatic treaty.

Kevin has accomplished a lot since becoming a Vishwamitran. Enlisting in the Vishwamitran Navy and Diplomatic Corps, as well as serving as an ambassador to foreign countries, are among them. During the first several months, he was able to earn a number of Vishwamitran medals and ribbons.

Life in Pinang

Kevin became a judge in the Pinangese Supreme Court after earning citizenship, and he has only seen one case thus far. He was also named governor of Terallis, a state in Pinang's Australian province. He was also admitted into the Senate, where he was later named vice-chair. In recent times, he has backed and promoted Maybellene Junkin's presidential candidacy until she was elected. He intends to continue to make a national contribution while also maintaining a diplomatic presence.

Life in Felinia

Kevin's life in Felinia began when Tina Rogers contacted him and the two discussed the flag and administration of Felinia. After that, he was made a naturalised citizen. Kevin has been appointed as the First Medical Officer and Minister of Defense, and his role in sustaining Felinia is crucial. Felinia has always maintained ties with Blazdonia as its leaders grew closer; diplomacy between the two countries was never an issue, but it was never fully formalized.

Life in Huai Siao

Kevin signed a diplomatic pact with his new nation when he was awarded citizenship, and he has dutifully followed it since Huai Siao became stagnant.

Life in Yu-Xia

Within a few weeks of contacting Yu-Xia, Kevin signed an MRT and became a citizen. He is involved in a number of government programmes and was recently named the country's Minister of Foreign Affairs. Things are going slowly in general, yet he manages to get things done when the national process and speed are stagnant.

Life in UKK

After meeting the monarch of the nation at a small meetup of monarchs, Kevin obtained citizenship of the United Kingdom of Korea. His many roles include being the Chief of Navy.

Citizenships in micronations

Technophoenixian (Founding Citizen)

Meytallian (Full citizen)

Military Service

Kevin is the highly esteemed commander in chief of Blazdonia, known for his exceptional bravery and effective leadership in controlling all military activities. Throughout his career, he has made significant contributions to the Royal Blazdonian Army, Royal Blazdonian Navy, Royal Blazdonian Air Force, and other branches, showcasing his dedication to serving his country.

In order to enhance his military expertise, Kevin sought additional training at a renowned foreign military institution. This decision demonstrates his commitment to continuous self-improvement and his drive to acquire advanced skills and knowledge in the field of warfare.

Despite his extensive involvement in military affairs, Kevin has yet to experience direct combat situations. However, this does not undermine his dedication and diligent performance of his assigned tasks. He approaches his responsibilities with unwavering conscientiousness, ensuring that all duties are carried out with the utmost care and precision.

One area where Kevin displays a particular interest is navy operations. He possesses a profound understanding of naval strategies and tactics, utilizing this knowledge to contribute to the success of his nation's naval endeavors. Furthermore, he has proven himself adept at overseeing general administration posts involving foreign forces. Through his diligent efforts and determination, he has risen through the ranks of the military, establishing his presence and earning the respect of his peers.

As the Commander-in-Chief of the Blazdonian Royal Military, Kevin assumes a paramount role in safeguarding the well-being and readiness of his forces and personnel. He places great importance on maintaining the highest standards of training, discipline, and morale among his troops. By ensuring their preparedness and well-being, he strives to guarantee their ability to fulfill their duties effectively and efficiently.

Kevin's unwavering commitment to his military service and his continuous pursuit of excellence make him a revered figure within the Blazdonian armed forces. His dedication to the nation's security and his exemplary leadership skills have earned him the trust and admiration of his subordinates and veterans alike.


Kevin is also a member of several micronational institutions and associations which include:

Styles, titles, and honours


  • 5 April 2021 – present: His Illustrious Royal Exalted Majesty, Duke Jamilburgh, Baron Melton Kevin Doan, King of Blazdonia, Commander in Chief of the Blazdonian Royal Military


  • Blazdonia Duke Jamilburgh
  • Ameristralia Baron Melton[1]

Cypher and Arms

Duke Jamilburgh Coat of Arms Baron Melton of Ameristralia Royal Cypher of King Kevin Doan Vishwamitran-style Blazdonian Royal Arms


National honours

Ribbon Honour Date Post-nominal
Sovereign of the Order of Blazdonia 2021 OBS
Sovereign of the Royal Order of the Spirited Phoenix 2021 CROSP
Sovereign of the Order of the Auspicious Raven 2022 SOAR
Sovereign of the Order of the Benevolent Deer 2022 SOBD
Sovereign of the Royal Blazdonian Order of Merit 2022 RBOMS
Sovereign of the Order of the Blazdonian Red Cross 2022 OBRCS
Sovereign of the Royal Family Order of Blazdonia 2022 RFOBS

Military honours

Ribbon Honour Date Post-nominal letters
1st Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Blazdonian Defence Force 8 July 2021 SCiC
1st Fleet Admiral of the Royal Blazdonian Navy 8 July 2021 FARBN
Service Ribbon 13 December 2021 BDFSR
Commendation Star 22 October 2021 BDFCS
Star of Distinguished Service 5 December 2021 BDFDSS
Australian Service Medal 7 September 2021 BDFAUS
USA Service Medal 7 September 2021 BDFUSS
UK Korea Service Medal 11 September 2021 BDFUKKS
Medal of Leadership 18 November 2021 BDFML
Cross of Valour 13 December 2021 BZCV
Star of Courage 15 December 2021 BZSC
Bravery Medal 20 December 2021 BZBM
Conspicuous Service Cross 3 January 2022 BZCSC
Conspicuous Service Medal 4 January 2022 BZCSM

Order of Wear

Awards worn regularly by Kevin Doan are worn in accordance with customary conventions applicable to the occasion, the location and to the form of dress worn. The current ribbons worn by Kevin Doan are as follows:

Civil Honours
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Military Honours
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Template:Ribbon devices/alt Template:Ribbon devices/alt Template:Ribbon devices/alt Template:Ribbon devices/alt
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Template:Ribbon devices/alt Template:Ribbon devices/alt
Foreign Honours
Template:Ribbon devices/alt Template:Ribbon devices/alt Template:Ribbon devices/alt Template:Ribbon devices/alt
Template:Ribbon devices/alt Template:Ribbon devices/alt Template:Ribbon devices/alt Template:Ribbon devices/alt
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Foreign honours

  •  Norton:
    • Commander of the Order of the Merit of Camellia (2023)
Vishwamitran state honours

Individual honours

Ribbon Conferred by Honour Date Post-nominal
United Authorities Recipient of the Peace Order 2021
Runcorn State High School Recipient of the Runcorn State High School Service Award November - December 2021
City of Brisbane, QLD, Australia

(By The Rt Hon Lord Mayor of Brisbane Councilor Adrian Schrinner)

Certificate of Appreciation 3 November 2021


Honourary degrees

Country Year Conferred School/University Degree
United Kingdom of Korea 2021 University of New Seoul Degree in Politics and Law (Specifically:Tree Law)

Formal degrees

Country Year Conferred School/University Degree
Empire of Lehmark 2022 Imperial University of Lehmark Associate Degree in Korean Hangul and Batchim
Kingdom of Blazdonia 2022 Royal University of Blazdonia Degree in Martial arts studies and teaching
Kingdom of Blazdonia 2022 Royal University of Blazdonia Degree in Vexillology
Kingdom of Blazdonia 2021 Royal University of Blazdonia Degree in Visual and Electronical Art


The ancestry of Kevin Doan is represented below:

His Majesty, Kevin Doan I, King of Blazdonia

Kevin I of Blazdonia
House of Doan
Born: 21 September 2005
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Throne Established
Monarchy of Blazdonia
05 April 2021 - present
Succeeded by