Royal Blazdonian Military

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Royal Blazdonian Military
Blazdonian Defence Force
Military Coat of Arms
Military War Flag
Founded5 May 2021
Current formOngoing
Service branches
HeadquartersMinistry of Defence Building, Salt Point City, Blazdonia
Commander-in-ChiefKevin Doan & Tina Rogers
De facto leaderAislinn Tanaka
Minister of DefenceAlex Truong
Military age
  • 13 years (for selection)
  • 13.5 years (to serve)
  • 14 years (to deploy)
  • 16 years (for special forces deployment)
ConscriptionNo, voluntary
Active personnel8 personnel
Reserve personnel2 personnel
Deployed personnelAll active personnel
Percent of GDP0%

The Royal Blazdonian Military, also known as the Blazdonian Defence Force, is responsible for defending and protecting the Kingdom of Blazdonia and its national interests. The Royal Blazdonian Military consists of the Royal Blazdonian Army, Royal Blazdonian Navy, and Royal Blazdonian Air Force, and operates under the Ministry of Defence of Blazdonia.


The Royal Blazdonian Military is an enlistment-based military force, dedicated to ensuring the security and defense of the Kingdom of Blazdonia. Currently, the military has a total of ten (10) personnel, consisting of eight (8) active duty members and two (2) reservists. The military spending accounts for less than zero percent of all expenditures, reflecting the peaceful nature and limited scope of the Kingdom's defense requirements.

The legal basis for the Royal Blazdonian Military is derived from the executive government sections of the Blazdonian Constitution. Section 51 empowers the Blazdonian government to enact laws concerning defense and defense forces, while Section 114 prohibits states from raising armed forces without government permission. Section 119 assigns the responsibility of defending Blazdonia from invasion and determining the conditions for domestic deployment to the government.

Under the command structure, as outlined in Section 68 of the Constitution, the Governor-General holds the command-in-chief of the naval and military forces, representing the King. However, in practice, the elected government controls the military, and the Governor-General's involvement in command is nominal.

The leadership of the Royal Blazdonian Military includes the Commander-in-Chief, held jointly by Kevin Doan and Tina Rogers, who are also the Kingdom's Commander-in-Chief. The Chief of General Staff, the Minister of Defence, and the Prime Minister of Blazdonia play crucial roles in the military's command structure. The day-to-day operations are managed by the Minister of Defence and subordinate ministers.

The Royal Blazdonian Military has never been involved in any conflicts, reflecting its commitment to peace and the Kingdom's focus on diplomacy and cooperative relations with other nations.


The primary role of the Royal Blazdonian Military is to safeguard the Kingdom of Blazdonia from direct threats and coercion. It contributes to the security of the Southeast Asia and South Pacific region, as well as the broader Indo-Pacific region, promoting stability and upholding the principles of a rules-based global order that serves Blazdonia's interests.


The Royal Blazdonian Military consists of three branches:

Royal Blazdonian Army

The Royal Blazdonian Army is responsible for ground operations, ensuring the Kingdom's territorial defense. The Army is organized into five elements, reporting to the Chief of the Army. These include the headquarters of the 1st Division, Special Operations Command, and Forces Command. The Forces Command prepares units and individuals for operations, while Headquarters 1st Division focuses on high-level training activities and can assume command of large-scale ground operations if necessary.

Royal Blazdonian Navy

The Royal Blazdonian Navy is responsible for maritime operations, safeguarding Blazdonia's territorial waters and protecting its maritime interests. The Navy operates a small fleet of commissioned warships, including destroyers, frigates, submarines, patrol boats, and auxiliary vessels. Additionally, it maintains a force of combat, logistics, and training helicopters to enhance its operational capabilities.

Royal Blazdonian Air Force

The Royal Blazdonian Air Force is tasked with air operations, providing aerial support and maintaining air superiority if the need arises. The Air Force operates modern combat and transport aircraft, strategically basing them at various locations across Blazdonia to ensure a swift response capability.

Special Forces

The Royal Blazdonian Special Forces represent a select group of highly trained personnel drawn from each branch of the Royal Blazdonian Military. They are responsible for carrying out high-risk missions and operations that require specialized skills and expertise. Currently, the only member of the Special Forces is His Majesty the King himself, underscoring the unique nature of this unit within the military.

Cyber Defence Taskforce

The Blazdonian Cyber Defence Taskforce (BCDT) is a specialized unit within the Royal Blazdonian Military dedicated to securing the nation's cyberspace. Personnel for the BCDT are selected from each branch of the military, and their loyalty lies with the Kingdom of Blazdonia. The BCDT's motto, "Securing the Cyberspace, Securing the Nation," emphasizes their critical role in defending Blazdonia against cyber threats. The location of the BCDT's garrison is classified, and it operates as a joint unit, not specific to any individual branch.

Command Structure

The Royal Blazdonian Military operates under the Ministry of Defence of Blazdonia, with the Commander-in-Chief shared by Kevin Doan and Tina Rogers. The Chief of General Staff serves as the principal military advisor to the Commander-in-Chief. The Minister of Defence, in coordination with subordinate ministers, exercises control over the military's day-to-day operations. The Special Forces and Cyber Defence Taskforce operate under the command of the Chief of General Staff.


The Royal Blazdonian Military is an enlistment-based force, with a current personnel count of ten (10). The minimum age for selection is 13 years, while individuals must reach the age of 13.5 to serve, 14 years to deploy, and 16 years for Special Forces deployment. Conscripted military service does not exist in Blazdonia, as enlistment is entirely voluntary.

Currently, there are eight (8) active-duty personnel and two (2) reservists within the Royal Blazdonian Military. The military prides itself on recruiting highly dedicated and skilled individuals committed to serving the Kingdom's interests.


The Royal Blazdonian Military was established on May 5th, 2021, a month after the formation of the Kingdom of Blazdonia. Since its inception, the military has maintained a steadfast commitment to peace and diplomacy, refraining from engaging in conflicts both domestically and internationally.


The training of Blazdonian servicemen and women takes place at the renowned Blazdonian Defence Force Academy (BDFA), located at the University of Salt Point City in the province of Eastesla. The BDFA serves not only as a training institution for future Blazdonian Defence Force leaders but also offers postgraduate programs and short courses to both Department of Defence staff and the public.

The academy aims to produce officers who possess the attributes, intellect, and skills necessary to excel in their roles. Junior officers attending the BDFA hold the rank of Midshipman (MIDN) in the Royal Blazdonian Navy, Officer Cadet (OCDT) in the Royal Blazdonian Army, or Officer Cadet (OFFCDT) in the Royal Blazdonian Air Force.


The Royal Blazdonian Military is a small, yet dedicated military force tasked with safeguarding the Kingdom of Blazdonia and its national interests. With the Royal Blazdonian Army, Royal Blazdonian Navy, and Royal Blazdonian Air Force working together under the Ministry of Defence, the military upholds the Kingdom's commitment to peace, security, and a rules-based global order. The specialized units, such as the Special Forces and Cyber Defence Taskforce, ensure that Blazdonia remains prepared to address any challenges that may arise in the modern world.