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The Parliament of Blazdonia, officially known as the Federal Parliament, serves as the legislative branch of the government of the Kingdom of Blazdonia. It consists of three integral elements: the Crown, represented by the Governor-General, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. This parliamentary system, combining two elected chambers, draws inspiration from the United States Congress, while also incorporating elements of the Westminster system.


The upper house of the Parliament, the Senate, comprises six members. Senators are elected through the single transferable vote proportional representation system. As a result, the Senate features a diverse range of political parties striving for influence and representation.

House of Representatives

The lower house of the Parliament, the House of Representatives, is presently composed of eight members. These representatives are elected through full-preference instant-runoff voting from single-member electoral divisions, commonly known as "electorates" or "seats." In order to gain and retain power, the ruling government must secure the confidence of the House of Representatives.

The House of Representatives holds a maximum term of three years, although it can be dissolved prematurely. The Senate, on the other hand, has fixed terms, with 36 senators' terms expiring every three years. The terms of the four territory senators align with House elections, resulting in the simultaneous occurrence of House and Senate elections. In cases where the Senate refuses to pass legislation approved by the House, a deadlock-breaking mechanism called a double dissolution can be employed to dissolve both chambers.

Both the Senate and the House of Representatives convene in separate chambers of Parliament House, except for rare occasions when a joint sitting is convened.

The Prime Minister

The Prime Minister, the head of government and leader of the executive branch, is the individual who leads the party or parties commanding the majority of support in the House of Representatives. Serving as the chief adviser to the Governor-General, the Prime Minister assumes a crucial role in governance and policy formulation.

Number Name Term started Term finish
1 Aislinn Tanaka 13 June 2021 Incumbent

Parliament House

Parliament House serves as the venue for parliamentary proceedings and is divided into two sections.

The Senate

The Senate is composed of senators elected by the people of each state. Until otherwise specified by the Parliament, each Original State is allocated six senators. The Parliament retains the authority to adjust the number of senators per state, provided equal representation of the Original States is maintained, and no Original State has fewer than six senators. Senators serve a term of six years, with the Governor certifying the names of the elected senators to the Governor-General.

The House of Representatives

The House of Representatives consists of members directly elected by the people of the Common-pride. The number of representatives aims to be approximately twice that of the senators. Proportional representation in the various states is determined by the respective population numbers. The determination of the number of members per state is based on a quota calculated by dividing the population of the Common-pride by twice the number of senators. The number of members from each state is then derived by dividing the state's population by the quota. Should this division result in a remainder greater than half of the quota, an additional member is elected from the state. However, a minimum of five members must be elected from each Original State.

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