Kingdom of Blazdonia

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Kingdom of Blazdonia
Flag of Kingdom of Blazdonia
Coat of arms of Kingdom of Blazdonia
Coat of arms
Motto: "Nothing ever dies; we will rise again!"
Location of Blazdonia in Australia
Location of Blazdonia in Australia
and largest city
Salt Point City
Official languagesEnglish, Qekwog, Korean
ReligionNo Official Religion
GovernmentDemocratic Absolute monarchy
• King
Kevin I
• Prime Minister
Aislinn Tanaka
• Governor General
Tina Rogers
• Minister of Defence
Alex Truong
LegislatureFederal Parliament
House of Representatives
Establishment5 April 2021
• Blazdonia's Independence from the Commonwealth of Australia
19 November 2021
• Total
865 km2 (334 sq mi)
• 2022 census
CurrencyBlazdonian dollars (BDD)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Drives on theright
Calling code+693
National sportMartial Arts

The Kingdom of Blazdonia, commonly known as just Blazdonia, is a micronation in its predecessor of Queensland, Australia. Blazdonia borders Australia in the north, south, east, and west and has no maritime borders. Its capital and largest city is Salt Point City.

Blazdonia was founded as a democratic absolute monarchy on 5 April 2021 when King Kevin desired for people from every background to come together; reinvigorating their lives and flourishing with even closer connections.

The government of Blazdonia is made up of the following: a monarchy made up of the king who exercises executive power; an elected parliament who holds legislative power; and an appointed judiciary that holds judicial power. The King holds all power—executive, legislative, and judiciary. This government is similar to that of Britain but has different spelled conventions for laws and procedures—all according to the rules of the Constitution.

Blazdonia was initially founded solely as a successionist nation. It would later shift to include the idea of being a nation that goes above and beyond in being a country that is truly set in the current era. Blazdonia, as a nation, believes in the transparent use of technology in its government for the benefit of its people. Blazdonia believes that a country does not have to be entirely physical to be sovereign.


"Blaz" was chosen as the prefix as it was thought of as a good name,

"do" was chosen as the middle letters as they focus on action and doing things and not blabbering their mouths off, and

"nia" was chosen as the suffix as it is common for monarchial places.

Flag Etymology

The Blazdonian Flag represents equality in a diverse world. The blues signify the sky and the sea, and they reflect the properties of air and water. The lush green signifies the land citizens live on and our environmental stewardship. The phoenix is a symbol of residents' humility, vigor, and determination.



The territory Blazdonia claimed to be its own used to be a part of Queensland, an Australian state, long before Blazdonia had a name or existed. The nation's monarch and founder spent his formative years there, from infancy through adolescence. Convict laborers were transferred to Australia, a colony of the British Empire, in the 1800s. Australia declared its independence from the British Empire in the 1900s while being a member of the Commonwealth. The sovereign king spent his entire life within the Australian system. In the early to mid-covid period, when the then-PM Scott Morrison fell short of expectations, the founder made the decision to declare independence from Australia under the name of Blazdonia.


The country of Blazdonia was established on 5 April, 2021. It was first established as a constitutional monarchy, but the king disapproved because he believed it lacked direct authority. As a result, Blazdonia was defined as a Democratic Absolute Monarchy. This was done in order to give the monarch total authority while still allowing for the existence of a parliament and other democratically elected offices. Blazdonia was given its name when it was founded, followed shortly by the national flag and coat of arms.

Formation of government

A government needed to be formed after the establishment. This was proven difficult by the direct words from the king himself. The king, as head of state, ruled without a head of government and without the government itself for as long as he could alone. Once he believed that the citizen population had grown large enough, he announced the first prime ministerial election, which ran for approximately one fortnight before the votes were counted and Aislinn Tanaka was elected. Since there was only one candidate, it was assumed that the first election was clear-cut. Days later, the first PM was appointed and sworn in. A week later, His Majesty appointed a defence minister and a few other individuals. To this day, ministers are being appointed to positions within every ministry. After speaking with the PM, the monarch later ruled that Blazdonia's legislature would be established. The Federal Parliament was its name. The federal parliament was mandated to have two houses, an upper chamber, the senate, and a lower chamber, the house of representatives. It became clear that the administration was bicameral even if the monarchy was unquestionably absolute. As stated by His Majesty and the PM, the parliament and both houses are, to this day, empty.


The realm would be colonized as states, the king made a point of saying. The entire kingdom was subsequently partitioned into five (5) states, each of which was indissoluble together. Each of the localized states contained a number of provinces. The administration then asked the populace which state they generally preferred, and it was subsequently given to them. Governors and premiers are not yet in place in the states.

Blazdonia's Declaration of Independence

Government and politics

The government is held in a parliament it consists of the senate and house of representatives and may include the head of state and head of government.


The Kingdom of Blazdonia is an absolute monarchy with a strong influence from British, Belgian, Thai, Japanese, and Norwegian royalty. The king inherits his power for life, and he has complete immunity to carry out all administrative duties without hesitation.

The Prime Minister of Blazdonia is the country's head of government and the monarch's primary representative in the affairs of the government. All other ministers are led by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is usually selected following a national election in which the individual obtains a majority of the votes; but, under an absolute monarchy, the monarch can choose a Prime Minister to their liking. Aislinn Tanaka, the current Prime Minister, was elected months after the country was founded and installed the following week.

The Governor-General serves as the voice of authority when the king doesn't reside in Blazdonia, keeping everyone compliant and attending to governmental affairs. They are accountable for initiating proceedings such as instituting judicial systems and ensuring safety laws are followed when need be. Apart from that, they preside over sessions with cabinet ministers, appoint foreign representatives while staying amicable to outside agreements, and basically make decisions that ensure everyone plays nice under one rule. In general, the governor-general observes the conventions of government, maintaining political neutrality, and has almost always acted only on the advice of the prime minister or other ministers, or, in certain cases, parliament. The governor-general also has a ceremonial role, hosting events at either of the two official residences—Government House in the capital, Salt Point City, and Admiralty House in Rankin—and travelling throughout Blazdonia to open conferences, attend services and commemorations, and generally provide encouragement to individuals and groups who are contributing to their communities. When traveling abroad, the governor-general is seen as the representative of Blazdonia and its king.


The legislature of Blazdonia is a twenty-membered bicameral body referred to as the Parliament of Blazdonia which is comprised of the Senate and House of Representatives. The Parliament is the sole law-making institution within the nation and is comprised of twenty members who are elected through a direct election held every year on the expiration of the term of the parliament or earlier if dissolved by the monarch on the advice of the government or of His Majesty's free will. The membership of the parliament is based on proportional representation, and the constituencies are divided within the states and the territories based on the population. The main purpose of the legislature is to formulate laws, budgets, bills, etc. for the progress and well-being of the people and nation. The prime minister is the chief representative of the monarch and the government in the house of the legislature and is the leader of the house. They are chosen amongst the elected members of the parliament or by a successful independent campaign. The tenure of the parliament is one year, or as long as His Majesty pleases, and general elections are held every year to elect members.


As the nation follows a variation of the Westminster model of Parliamentary democracy, despite the executive under the monarch playing a largely significant role in the decision-making process, the three pillars of democracy-executive, legislature, and judiciary. The judiciary stands as an independent branch of the system, with the Supreme Court of Blazdonia being the supreme judicial body of Blazdonia and the highest court in the nation. It is the most senior constitutional court and has the power of judicial review. In the Supreme Court, there are a maximum of five (5) justices, one of whom is nominated as Chief Justice. In the lower courts, judges are appointed by the justices and the monarch himself. In some instances, the constitution states that one may be tried by law by the King in court if the situation is of absolute extremity.


Blazdonia's armed forces—the Blazdonian Royal Military—comprise the Royal Blazdonian Navy (RBN), the Blazdonian Royal Army (RBA) and the Royal Blazdonian Air Force (RBAF), in total numbering eight personnel (including six regulars and two reservists) as of July 2022. The titular role of Commander-in-Chief is vested in the Governor-General and shared with the King, who appoints a Chief of the Defence Force from one of the armed services on the advice of the government. New recruits learn at the BDFA before going on active duty after enlistment.

Political parties

The Kingdom of Blazdonia is a democratic absolute monarchy with a fourteen-member-elected parliament. Elections to the parliament are held once a year to elect the members of the Parliament, who in turn elect the Prime Minister on the command of the majority of the parties in the parliament.

Current political parties

This list consists of all political parties in the Kingdom of Blazdonia which are registered by the Election Commission of Blazdonia.

Party Logo Party banner Party leader Ideology Status Seats in the Senate Seats in House of Representatives
Blazdonia People's Party N/A Banner of Blazdonia People's Party.jpg Vaughn Keith Democratic Socialism Registered
0 / 6
0 / 8
Blazdonian Sheeps Party N/A Banner of Blazdonian Sheeps Party.jpg Trevor Tarjeft Centrist and evangelical Registered
0 / 6
0 / 8


In Blazdonia and all of its territories, the Blazdonian dollar is legal money. It's abbreviated as BDD and comes in denominations of $5, $10, $50, $100, and $1000. It is the same value as the Australian dollar.

Banknote Name Colors Notes
Blazdonian 5 Dollars.png $5 BDD Blue This legal tender may not be reproduced, copied or altered illegally
Blazdonian 10 Dollars.png $10 BDD Green
Blazdonian 50 Dollars.png $50 BDD Light Blue
Blazdonian 100 Dollars.png $100 BDD Orange
Blazdonian 1000 Dollars.png $1000 BDD Red

Flags and national symbols

Blazdonia state flags

Blazdonian State Flags
Flag Name Meaning of Flag Provinces in state Prov. By
Rankin Flag.png Rankin Rankin has a wide culture diversity Flag provided to the Blazdonian Federal Government by Zecheriah O'Hair
Hiseville Flag.png Hiseville Hiseville is known for its music
  • Griffinmarsh
  • Springview
  • Newoak
  • Strongston
Flag provided to the Blazdonian Federal Government by Zecheriah O'Hair
Kewanna Flag.png Kewanna Kewanna is known for its influence in art (visual art)
  • Merribridge
  • Summerfort
  • Ostbush
  • Swynfort
Flag provided to the Blazdonian Federal Government by Zecheriah O'Hair
Platte City Flag.png Platte City Platte City is best known as the state of agriculture
  • Northaven
  • Mallowwick
  • Swynham
  • South
  • Swynham
Flag provided to the Blazdonian Federal Government by Zecheriah O'Hair
Salt Point City Flag.png Salt Point City Salt Point City is known as "the business state"
  • Springdale
  • Kailiforn
  • Whendetta
  • Eastesla
Flag provided to the Blazdonian Federal Government by Zecheriah O'Hair

Foreign relations

All diplomatic relations Blazdonia has are listed here. They also recognize all of their sovereignties too.

Nation of relations Year established Given Received
Federal Kingdom of Starasia 2021 Trade, recognition Trade, recognition
Republic of Meytallia 2021 Trade, recognition Trade, recognition
Empire of Greater Rovia 2021 Trade, recognition Trade, recognition
Empire of Huai Siao 2021 Trade, recognition Trade, recognition
Lvsitania, New Rubix Republic 2021 Trade, recognition Trade, recognition
Kingdom of Rhodieland 2021 Trade, recognition Trade, recognition
United Kingdom of Korea 2021 Trade, recognition Trade, recognition
Kingdom of Elava 2021 Trade, recognition Trade, recognition
Kingdom of Cutenstonia 2021 Trade, recognition Trade, recognition
Kingdom of Pallay 2021 Trade, recognition Trade, recognition
State of Norton 2021 Trade, recognition Trade, recognition
Republic of Slavtria[1] 2021 Trade, recognition Trade, recognition
Principality of Spoonsylvania 2021 Trade, recognition Trade, recognition
Republic of Relocia 2021 Trade, recognition Trade, recognition
Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia 2021 Trade, recognition Trade, recognition
The Dimitch Empire 2021 Trade, recognition Trade, recognition
Lacussia 2021 Trade, recognition Trade, recognition
Empire of Einesraum 2021 Trade, recognition Trade, recognition
Kingdom of Cecillo 2021 Recognition Recognition
Grand Duchy of Albarra 2021 Recognition Recognition
Federal Socialist Republic of Sbeba 2021 Trade, recognition Trade, recognition
Kingdom of Arendelle 2021 Trade, recognition Trade, recognition
Sovereign Kingdom of Felinia 2021-22 Trade, recognition Trade, recognition
State of Vishwamitra[2] 2022 Recognition Recognition
Empire of Lurdentania[3] 2022 Recognition Recognition
Kingdom of Queensland[4] 2022 Trade, recognition Trade, recognition
Free Nation of New Athens[5] 2022 Recognition Recognition
Etukan Empire 2022 Recognition Recognition
Yu-Xia[6] 2022 Recognition Recognition
Covanellis Republic[7] 2022

National embassies

Blazdonian embassies can be found in the following countries

Nation of Embassy Year Embassy Established Contents
UKK Since 6 June 2021 Visa-free Travel, dual citizenship is a given
Cutenstonia Since 10 June 2021 Visa-free Travel, dual citizenship is a given
Rovia Since 9 August 2021 Undetermined
Berry Empire Since 9 August 2021 Undetermined
Ameristralia Since 24 October 2021 Visa-free Travel, dual citizenship is a given
Dimitch Empire Since 19 November 2021 Visa-free Travel, dual citizenship is a given
Sbeba Since 22 November 2021 Undetermined

Signed accords and conventions

Blazdonia has either ratified and/or signed the following accords and conventions;

Royal Family and Government

Royal Family

A few notable members of the royal family should be mentioned. Some are now involved in the country, while others are only in the bloodline and have yet to claim their titles as Blazdonia's royals.

HM King Kevin Doan is the first and foremost.

Prince James Doan, Prince Jonathan James Doan, and Prince Timothy Doan are his younger brothers.

Madam Christine and Sir Andrew Doan, cousins of the aforementioned, are also included.

King's Officials (Government)

  • Aislinn Tanaka, Prime Minister,
  • Tina Rogers, Governor General,
  • The Monarch is the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  • Commander Alex Truong is the Minister of Defense.
  • Dr. Kang Dong-Joo, Minister of Health, Safety, and Medicine
  • Kshitij Roychowdhury is the Minister of Education.
  • Justice Casey Ictory and Justice Aryan Dhand of the High Court
  • David Kontrim, Minister of Agriculture
  • Nafiz Morshalin is the Minister of Immigration.

Land claiming

Signifying territory and jurisdictions.

Land Claim

So far, the Kingdom of Blazdonia has very few land claims but wishes to expand as time moves forward.
Total land claimed = 865 m²

As of the tenth day of the tenth month in the year two thousand twenty one, the Kingdom of Blazdonia has laid claim to it's monarch's house, garden and fifty square meters of bushland behind it.

The kingdom currently does not reject or accept land claims given to it by its people.


Culture is a huge part of the nation and the locals take pride in it.

Special Dates

1 January: New Year's Day

19 February: LGBTQ+ Day

8 March: International Women's Day

5 April: Blazdonia Day

8 April: National Youth Day

18 April: Wildlife Day

11 May: National Maritime Day

21 May: National Pet Day

11 June: Asian Lives Matter Day

26 June: Cultural Unity Day

7 August: Black Lives Matter Day

21 September: King's Birthday

24 December: Christmas Eve

25 December: Christmas Day

31 December: New Year's Eve


Blazdonia has an inexhaustible supply of art. Residents are more likely to draw or paint digitally and share their work.


Blazdonia's media have a huge array of options. Citizens are free to consume and create any material they choose.

Blazdonia has yet to be mentioned in the worldwide press.


Blazdonian cuisine includes a wide range of regional delicacies made with traditional recipes and locally sourced products. Oysters and caramelized pork belly are two delights.


Each state has a university, and each province has two schools and a high school.

Geography and environment

Surrounded and landlocked by Australia, Blazdonia borders no seas or oceans.

Blazdonia lies between latitudes 27° and 36° South, and longitudes 153° and 6° East.


Lying on the Indo-Australian Plate, Blazdonia is on the lowest and most primordial landmass on Earth with a relatively stable geological history. The landmass includes virtually all known rock types and from all geological time periods spanning over 3.8 billion years of the Earth's history. The Pilbara Craton is one of only two pristine Archaean 3.6–2.7 Ga (billion years ago) crusts identified on the Earth.


The climate of Blazdonia is significantly influenced by ocean currents, including the Indian Ocean Dipole and the El Niño–Southern Oscillation, which is correlated with periodic drought, and the seasonal tropical low-pressure system that produces cyclones on the northern Blazdonian border. These factors cause rainfall to vary markedly from year to year. Much of the northern part of the country has a predominantly tropical, predominantly summer-rainfall (monsoon). The south-west corner of the country has a Mediterranean climate. The south-east ranges from oceanic to humid subtropical, with the highlands featuring alpine and subpolar oceanic climates. The interior is arid to semi-arid.


Blazdonian forests are mostly made up of evergreen species, particularly eucalyptus trees in the less arid regions; wattles replace them as the dominant species in drier regions and deserts.

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