Prime Minister of Blazdonia

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Prime Minister of Blazdonia of Federal Government of Blazdonia
Coat of arms of Blazdonia
Flag of Blazdonia
Isaiah Dallas
Blazdonian Government
StatusHead of Government
Member of
Reports toHouse of Representatives
ResidenceParliament House, Salt Point City, Blazdonia
SeatSalt Point City
Term lengthAt the Governor-General's pleasure
Formation6 June 2021; 3 years ago (2021-06-06)
First holderAislinn Tanaka

The Prime Minister of Blazdonia is the head of the executive branch of the federal government of the Kingdom of Blazdonia, responsible for leading the government and its policies. The prime minister is accountable to the federal parliament under the principles of responsible government and is formally appointed by the Governor-General of Blazdonia.

The role of the prime minister is not specifically described in the Constitution of Blazdonia but is based on the Westminster system conventions. Typically, the prime minister is the leader of the political party or coalition that holds a majority in the House of Representatives and must be able to command the confidence of the House.

As the head of the government, the prime minister chairs the Federal Executive Council and is assisted by government ministers nominated by the prime minister and appointed by the Governor-General. The most senior ministers form the federal cabinet. The prime minister also heads the National Cabinet and the National Security Committee.

The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet provides administrative support to the prime minister and the federal cabinet. The prime minister holds office at the Governor-General's pleasure and does not have a fixed term or number of terms in office.

The Prime Minister of Blazdonia is an important political figure in the country and is responsible for setting the national agenda. They work closely with other government officials to ensure that the country is governed effectively and efficiently.