National Security Council (Blazdonia)

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National Security Council
File:National Security Council of Blazdonia logo.png
Logo of the National Security Council
Agency overview
JurisdictionKingdom of Blazdonia
HeadquartersSalt Point City
Minister responsible
  • Prime Minister, Chair
Deputy Minister responsible
  • King of Blazdonia, Vice Chair
Parent agencyCabinet of Blazdonia

The National Security Council (NSC) serves as the highest decision-making body for national security and major foreign policy matters within the government of the Kingdom of Blazdonia. As a council of the Cabinet of Blazdonia, the NSC plays a crucial role in shaping the nation's security policies and strategies. Notably, decisions made by the NSC do not require the endorsement of the Cabinet, highlighting its significant authority and autonomy. The establishment of the NSC is conducted by the Prime Minister with the approval of the King of Blazdonia.


The National Security Council holds primary responsibility for the deliberation and determination of Blazdonia's national security issues. These encompass a wide range of concerns, including strategic international security matters, border security within Blazdonia, responses to domestic and international crises and terrorism, military operations, deployment strategies for the Blazdonian Defence Force, as well as overseeing the operations and activities of the National Intelligence Community. Additionally, the NSC takes into account defence acquisition matters and recommendations provided by the Ministry of Defence's Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group.


According to the provisions of the Constitution of Blazdonia, the Parliament of Blazdonia lacks the authority to declare war or authorize military operations. Consequently, the NSC, under the leadership of the Prime Minister and with the ultimate approval of the Governor-General, holds the power to deploy and utilize the Blazdonian Defence Force for offensive operations without requiring legislative authorization. This grants the NSC the authority to make decisions regarding the utilization of the most extreme powers available to the government, including the use of deadly force. The deployment of the Blazdonian Defence Force is determined by the NSC in consultation with the Chief of the Defence Force, the Secretary of Defence, and through the invaluable input of the National Intelligence Community.


The National Security Council is chaired by the Prime Minister and features a distinguished group of members:

  • Co-Chairs - King of Blazdonia, Governor-General
  • Minister of Defence
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Minister of Home Affairs
  • Minister of Finance
  • Minister of Trade and Investment
  • Chief of the Defence Force
  • Director-General of the Security Intelligence Organisation (SIO)

As a Co-Chair, the Prime Minister must seek approval from His Majesty on all major decisions. The NSC also has the ability to invite other ministers, agency heads, or subject matter experts to attend meetings as necessary, ensuring comprehensive and informed discussions on matters of national security.

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