Governor-General of Blazdonia

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Governor-General of Blazdonia
File:Badge of the Governor-General of Blazdonia.jpg
File:Flag of the Governor-General of Blazdonia.jpg
Flag of the Governor-General of Blazdonia
Tina Rogers
StyleTheir Excellency the Honourable
StatusRepresentative of the Head of state
ResidenceGovernment House
SeatSalt Point City
NominatorPrime Minister of Blazdonia
AppointerMonarchy of Blazdonia
on the advice of the prime minister
Term lengthAt His Majesty's pleasure
Usually 5 years

The governor-general of Blazdonia is the representative of the monarch, currently King Kevin I, in the Kingdom of Blazdonia. The governor-general is appointed by the monarch on the recommendation of the prime minister and other government ministers, and serves as the head of state in Blazdonia. The governor-general has formal presidency over the Federal Executive Council, which is the highest formal governmental body established by Chapter II of the Constitution of Blazdonia, and is commander-in-chief of the Blazdonian Defence Force.

The governor-general has a range of important functions, including appointing ministers, judges, and ambassadors; giving royal assent to legislation passed by parliament; issuing writs for election; and bestowing Blazdonian honours. In general, the governor-general observes the conventions of the Westminster system and responsible government, maintaining a political neutrality, and acts only on the advice of the prime minister or other ministers or, in certain cases, parliament.

In addition to these formal duties, the governor-general also has a ceremonial role, hosting events at either of the two official residences—Government House in the capital, Salt Point City, and Admiralty House—and travelling throughout Blazdonia to open conferences, attend services and commemorations, and generally provide encouragement to individuals and groups who are contributing to their communities. When travelling abroad, the governor-general is seen as the representative of Blazdonia and its monarch