Tina of Felinia

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Tina M. B. Rogers
Tina Rogers in 2022
Citizenship Felinian
StyleTheir Most Beloved and Divine Blessed Liath-Lavender Crystal and Most Guarded Queen
ResidenceNew Jersey

Tina Rogers is the founder and first and reigning monarch of the Sovereign Kingdom of Felinia, diplomat, Governor-General and former Royal Secretary of Blazdonia. They served as the former Chief Minister of Ameristralia and the former President of the Imperial Senate, Minister of Education, and Agency Leader of National Parks of Lehmark.

Early life

Rogers was born at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in Queens, New York on 9 March 1999. As a child, they were diagnosed with ASD and ADHD. They went to Osage Elementary School and got their name sent to the moon, as well as winning Most Improved in Art in 2010. They also went to Voorhees Middle School from 2010 to 2013, where they took an architectural class and various computer subjects, as well as being named to the Principal's Honor Roll in 2012. Rogers' painting was also shown in their middle school's exhibition. Rogers took various classes in high school, including engineering, graphic design, web design, basic musicianship and guitar, an electronic music class, art, and early childhood education, where they taught a Pre-K class for a year. Rogers was reared by their mother, who is a licensed practical nurse, and their grandpa, who is a former AIG Insurance Agent, Gaelic football player, and courier. Rogers graduated from Eastern Regional High School in 2017 with a 4.8 weighted GPA.

Personal life and ancestry

They like motorsports in their spare time, notably NASCAR and Formula 1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Gran Turismo, Tetris Effect: Connected, and Persona 5 are among their favourite video games. Kiki, Beagan, and Sareena, their three cats, are also looked after by them. They are panromantic, asexual, and identify as genderfluid and transgender. They've been in a committed relationship with the King since 24 May 2016. They are interested in ARGs (alternative reality games), animals, urban exploration, technology, science fiction, working against MLMs, animal rights and environmental conservation, Sanrio franchises, anime, and cat care and enrichment. Designing NASCAR-style automobiles, cooking, and baking are among their pastimes.

According to 23andMe, they have 98.5 percent North-Western European ancestry (79.2 percent British & Irish, 16.8 percent French & German, and 2.5 percent Broadly Northwestern European), 0.7 percent Southern European ancestry (0.4 percent Spanish & Portuguese and 0.3 percent Broadly Southern European), 0.6 percent Broadly European ancestry, and 0.2 percent trace ancestry (Filipino & Austronesian). They are 2nd generation American, French-Canadian, and Irish, in that order.

Micronational career

They are a former member of the Micronational Assembly. They are the current Governor-General and a citizen of the Kingdom of Blazdonia. They are also citizens of Ameristralia, Lehmark, Salanda, and Sabatat. They are also a delegate and a member of the Bijou Nation Union. They are the former Chief Minister of Ameristralia, Second Viscountess Philadelphia. They served in Lehmark until 22 September 2022, noting mental health issues. Their work is appreciated by all, even. if it is simply moderation.

Political beliefs

Their political convictions are that all people, regardless of ethnicity, gender expression, financial condition, creed, religious beliefs, or ability, should be treated equally. They think that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect, and that everyone should be able to get fair justice. They also believe in genuine social change in underserved areas. They believe in equal rights for everyone, including LGBTQ+ rights, human rights, and real equality.


Tina has received these honours by service, distinction, and/or a notable deed that has been recognised in some way.