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Flag of Rankin
CityGovernment of Blazdonia

The State of Rankin is a state located within the Kingdom of Blazdonia. It is known for its cultural diversity and is made up of four provinces: Freyhill, Merrowmoor, Corley, and Mageshore.

Freyhill is the largest province in Rankin and is known for its rolling hills and fertile farmland. Agriculture is a major industry in this province, and it is home to many small towns and villages.

Merrowmoor is a coastal province located in the eastern part of Rankin. It is known for its beautiful beaches and fishing industry. The capital city of Rankin, Port Merrow, is located in this province.

Corley is a mountainous province located in the central part of Rankin. It is known for its natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities. The province is home to many forests and national parks.

Mageshore is a province located in the western part of Rankin. It is known for its magical heritage and is home to many wizards and sorcerers. The city of Arcane, the center of magical learning in Rankin, is located in this province.