Royal Blazdonian Army

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Royal Blazdonian Army
Flag of the Army
Founded5 May 2021
Country Blazdonia
RoleLand Warfare
Part ofBlazdonian Defence Force
Motto(s)"Defenders of the Kingdom"
Commander-in-ChiefThe King & Governor-General
Defence MinisterAlex Truong
Chief of ArmyAlex Truong
Blazdonian Defence Forces Army Ensign

The Royal Blazdonian Army is the land warfare branch of the Blazdonian Defence Force, which also includes the Royal Blazdonian Navy and Royal Blazdonian Air Force. It is responsible for defending the country and protecting its interests on land. The Army is commanded by a Chief of the Army who reports to the Minister of Defence. The Army is made up of a number of units and formations, including infantry, armored, and artillery units, as well as supporting elements such as logistics and medical units. The Army is equipped with a variety of weapons and equipment, including small arms, tanks, artillery, and other military vehicles. In times of war, the Army may be deployed to engage in combat operations, either as part of a larger coalition or on its own. It may also be called upon to provide support to civil authorities in times of crisis, such as during natural disasters or civil unrest.

Examples of whitelisted/proposed weapons and equipment used by the Royal Blazdonian Army include:

Small arms: assault rifles, machine guns, pistols, shotguns Tanks: main battle tanks, light tanks, armored fighting vehicles Artillery: howitzers, mortars, rocket launchers Military vehicles: armored personnel carriers, trucks, jeeps, helicopters Support equipment: communication equipment, night vision goggles, body armor, camouflage clothing, medical supplies, etc.

Examples of tanks used by the Royal Blazdonian Army include:

Main battle tanks: M1 Abrams, Leopard 2, Challenger 2 Light tanks: M3 Stuart, AMX-13, Type 62 Armored fighting vehicles: Bradley Fighting Vehicle, BMP-1, BMP-2 Tank destroyers: M10 Wolverine, M36 Jackson, Jagdpanther Note: These are just examples, and the actual tanks used by the Royal Blazdonian Army may differ.

Current order of battle

The following order of battle describes the Army's current organizational structure at the battalion and independent company/squadron level. It does not take into account changes to units' structure and command arrangements associated with operational deployments.

Chief of Army

  • Chief of Army
    • Forces Command
    • 1st Division
    • Special Operations Command

1st Division

  • 1st Division
    • Headquarters, 1st Division
    • Amphibious Task Group
      • 2nd Battalion, Royal Blazdonian Regiment (amphibious infantry)
    • 1st Signal Regiment
    • 2/30th Training Group
    • 39th Operational Support Battalion
    • Combat Training Centre

Forces Command

  • Forces Command
    • Headquarters, Forces Command
    • Army Logistic Training Centre
    • Defence Combat Support Training Centre
    • Combined Arms Training Centre (including B Squadron, 3rd/4th Cavalry Regiment)
1st Brigade
  • 1st Brigade
    • Headquarters, 1st Brigade
    • 1st Armoured Regiment (armoured cavalry regiment)
    • 5th Battalion, Royal Blazdonian Regiment (motorised infantry)
    • 7th Battalion, Royal Blazdonian Regiment (mechanized infantry)
    • 8th/12th Regiment, Royal Blazdonian Artillery (M777 howitzer)
    • 1st Combat Engineer Regiment
    • 1st Combat Signal Regiment
    • 1st Combat Service Support Battalion
3rd Brigade
  • 3rd Brigade
    • Headquarters, 3rd Brigade
    • 2nd Cavalry Regiment (armoured cavalry regiment)
    • 1st Battalion, Royal Blazdonian Regiment (motorised infantry)
    • 3rd Battalion, Royal Blazdonian Regiment (mechanized infantry)
    • 4th Regiment, Royal Blazdonian Artillery (M777 howitzer)
    • 3rd Combat Engineer Regiment
    • 3rd Combat Signal Regiment
    • 3rd Combat Service Support Battalion
6th Combat Support Brigade
  • 6th Combat Support Brigade
    • Headquarters, 6th Brigade
    • 1st Intelligence Battalion
    • 1st Military Police Battalion
    • 6th Engineer Support Regiment
    • 7th Signal Regiment
    • 16th Regiment, Royal Blazdonian Artillery
    • 19th Chief Engineer Works
    • 12th Chief Engineer Works
    • 20th Regiment, Royal Blazdonian Artillery
7th Brigade
  • 7th Brigade
    • Headquarters, 7th Brigade
    • 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment (Salt Point City Mounted Infantry)
    • 6th Battalion, Royal Blazdonian Regiment (mechanized infantry)
    • 8th/9th Battalion, Royal Blazdonian Regiment (motorised infantry)
    • 1st Regiment, Royal Blazdonian Artillery (M777 howitzer)
    • 2nd Combat Engineer Regiment
    • 7 Combat Signal Regiment
    • 7th Combat Service Support Battalion
17th Sustainment Brigade
  • 17th Sustainment Brigade
    • Headquarters, 17th Sustainment Brigade
    • 145 Signals Squadron
    • 2nd Force Support Battalion
    • 9th Force Support Battalion
    • 10th Force Support Battalion
    • 1st Health Battalion
    • 2nd Health Battalion
    • 3rd Health Battalion
    • 4th Health Battalion

2nd Division

  • 2nd Division
    • Headquarters, 2nd Division
    • 8th Signal Regiment
    • 9th Regiment, Royal Blazdonian Artillery,
      • 2nd/10th Light Battery
      • 5th/11th Light Battery
      • 6th/13th Light Battery
      • 7th Light Battery
      • 23rd Light Battery
4th Brigade
  • 4th Brigade
    • Headquarters, 4th Brigade
    • 5th/6th Battalion, Royal Kewanna Regiment
    • 8th/7th Battalion, Royal Kewanna Regiment
    • 22nd Engineer Regiment, Royal Blazdonian Engineers
    • 108th Signal Squadron
    • 4th Combat Service Support Battalion
5th Brigade
  • 5th Brigade
    • Headquarters, 5th Brigade
    • 1st/15th Royal Platte City Lancers
    • 1st/19th Battalion, Royal Platte City Regiment
    • 2nd/17th Battalion, Royal Platte City Regiment
    • 4th/3rd Battalion, Royal Platte City Regiment
    • 41st Battalion, Royal Platte City Regiment
    • 5th Engineer Regiment
    • 5th Combat Service Support Battalion
    • 8th Combat Service Support Battalion
9th Brigade
  • 9th Brigade
    • Headquarters, 9th Brigade
    • 3rd/9th Light Horse
    • 10th/27th Battalion, Royal Rankin Regiment
    • 12th/40th Battalion, Royal Kewanna Regiment
    • 3rd Field Squadron
    • 144th Signal Squadron
    • 9th Combat Service Support Battalion
11th Brigade
  • 11th Brigade
    • Headquarters, 11th Brigade
    • 12th/16th Hunter River Lancers (Bushmaster PMV)
    • 9th Battalion, Royal Salt Point City Regiment
    • 25th/49th Battalion, Royal Salt Point City Regiment
    • 31st/42nd Battalion, Royal Salt Point City Regiment
    • 11th Engineer Regiment
    • 141st Signal Squadron
    • 11th Combat Service Support Battalion
13th Brigade
  • 13th Brigade
    • Headquarters, 13th Brigade
    • 10th Light Horse Regiment
    • 11th/28th Battalion, Royal Hiseville Regiment
    • 16th Battalion, Royal Hiseville Regiment
    • 13th Fallowfield Squadron
    • 109th Signal Squadron
    • 13th Combat Service Support Battalion
Regional Force Surveillance Group
  • Regional Force Surveillance Group
    • Headquarters, Regional Force Surveillance Group
    • 51st Battalion, Far North Salt Point City Regiment
    • North-West Mobile Force

Special Operations Command

  • Special Operations Command
    • Special Operations Headquarters
      • Headquarters, Special Forces Group
        • Special Air Service Regiment
        • 1st Commando Regiment
        • 2nd Commando Regiment
        • Special Operations Engineer Regiment
        • Special Operations Logistics Squadron
        • Special Operations Training & Education Centre (SOTEC)
          • Blazdonian Defence Force School of Special Operations
          • Blazdonian Defence Force Parachuting School

Army Aviation Command

  • Army Aviation Command
    • Headquarters, Army Aviation Command
    • Army Aviation Training Centre,
    • 16th Aviation Brigade
      • Headquarters, 16th Aviation Brigade
      • 1st Aviation Regiment
      • 5th Aviation Regiment
      • 6th Aviation Regiment

Ranks and insignia

Officer ranks and insignia

Template:Ranks and Insignia of Micronational Armies/OF/Blank
No equivalent
General Lieutenant
Brigadier Colonel Lieutenant
Major Captain Lieutenant Second

Enlisted ranks and insignia

Rank group Senior NCOs Junior NCOs Enlisted
of the
Sergeant Corporal Private

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