Platte City

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Platte City
Flag of Platte City
The Heart of Blazdonia's Agriculture
"Growing Together"
ProvincesNorthaven, Mallowwick, Swynham, South Swynham
Time zoneUTC7

Platte City is a state located within the Kingdom of Blazdonia, known for its strong agricultural industry. Its motto is "Growing Together," and its nickname is "The Heart of Blazdonia's Agriculture." The state is divided into four provinces: Northaven, Mallowwick, Swynham, and South Swynham.

Northaven is the largest province, and is home to many small towns and villages. It is known for its fertile farmland and abundant crops, making agriculture the main industry in this province.

Mallowwick is located in the central part of Platte City and is known for its picturesque countryside and rural communities. The province is home to many farmers and is a major contributor to Platte City's agricultural industry.

Swynham, located in the eastern part of Platte City, is known for its beautiful coastline and fishing industry. The city of Swynham Harbor is a major port and a hub for trade and commerce.

South Swynham, located in the western part of Platte City, is known for its rolling hills and scenic views. The province is home to many forests and national parks, making it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Governor is the leader of the state, responsible for overseeing and managing its affairs.