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Flag of Kewanna
"Art is Life, Life is Art"
StateGovernment of Blazdonia

The State of Kewanna is located within the Kingdom of Blazdonia, known for its thriving visual arts community. Kewanna is divided into four provinces: Merribridge, Summerfort, Ostbush, and Swynfort.

Merribridge is the largest province in Kewanna and is renowned for its vibrant art scene. The province is home to numerous galleries, museums, and art schools, attracting art enthusiasts from all around.

Summerfort is a province located in the central part of Kewanna, known for its breathtaking countryside and charming towns. Many artists call this province home and draw inspiration from its natural beauty.

Ostbush is a province located in the eastern part of Kewanna, known for its lively cities and vibrant culture. The capital city of Kewanna, Ostbush City, is located here, home to many prominent art institutions.

Swynfort is a province located in the western part of Kewanna and is distinguished by its robust economy. It is home to many large businesses and industries, with the city of Swynfort serving as a hub for commerce and trade in Kewanna.

The motto of Kewanna is "Art is Life, Life is Art," reflecting the state's emphasis on creativity and the arts.