Order of the Courageous Lion

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The Order Of The Courageous Lion is a dynastic honour that was created by Emperor Mo I on August 14th, 2021 to award the bravest of people. Only a member of the House of Mo (short for the house of Al-Moataz bil lah) can award people into the order.


Ribbon Of The Order Of The Courageous Lion
Ribbon of the Grand Cordon Of The Order Of The Courageous Lion

The ribbon begins with the classic Rovian design of blue, yellow, green, with a red lion in the middle symbolizing bravery. The lion is surrounded with yellow, the color of generosity.

Classes of the ribbon.
Grand Cordon Grand Knight Member
Grand Cordon Class Ribbon
Grand Knight Class ribbon
Member Class ribbon

Current Recipients.

People in the award. day of joining month of joining year of joining
President Wiljem I 15 August 2021(Member)
Kevin Doan 17 August 2021(Member)
Parrattakorn Zakniyom 22 August 2021(Member)
Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu 22 September 2021(Member)
Esty Carpentieri 9 January 2022(Grand Cordon)
Eben Berkvens 11 January 2022(Member)
Edward IX of Queensland 17 January 2022(Grand Knight)
Lorenzo Marquez 1 January 2023(Grand Cordon