Micronationalist Martial Arts Association

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Micronationalist Martial Arts Association
MMAA Discord Seal.svg
Motto: "Giving up is not an option" & "Learn to fight so you don't have to"
Anthem: N/A
HeadquartersKingdom of Blazdonia
Other languagesEnglish (Official)
TypeInternational martial arts association
Member states15 members
• Chairman
Kevin Doan
• Chairman's Assistant
Mo I
Establishment16 July 2021

The Micronationalist Martial Arts Association (MMAA) is currently the only intermicronational martial arts organization and one that encourages the study, teaching, and practice of all martial arts throughout the micronational globe, as well as cross-national cooperation. The MMAA allows and recognizes any sort of martial art, with the dominant martial art in each of its member nations differing widely. The organization, which was created on 16 July, 2021, currently has fifteen (15) member nations.



On the date of 16 July, 2021, the MMAA was established by the founder and chair, Kevin Doan. As a martial arts practitioner with eight years of experience, he wanted to spread the skills and values martial arts has to the micronational community. To date, the MMAA is the only organization/association/group that is focused and based around martial arts in the micronational community. The MMAA was founded on two mottoes; "Giving up is not an option" and "Learn to fight so you don't have to," which focus on the core principles of martial arts, which are staying fit, having courage, perseverance, discipline, and willpower, while also using the skills for justice and self-defence and not for ill-minded acts.

Initial Operations

The initial operations were set up in a way to be easily managed and executed. Each aspect was grouped into a ministry. All the ministries formed the MMAA council, where all ministers and members come together to discuss every task and project the MMAA undertakes.


The chair has continually put up advertisements to fellow nations for membership interest. In the early stages, this was effective as it brought together the eight founding member states. The chair still puts up advertisements to continuously expand the association.

MMAA Identity

The MMAA represents the martial arts' collective interests to the federal, state, and territorial governments, as well as the wider micronational community and the media as a whole.

Because of its members' combined power and experience, the MMAA is able to provide an effective platform for:

-Lobbying and advocacy on behalf of the industry,

-Representing the interests of members,

-Education on a variety of subjects within martial arts,

-Communication and networking amongst members, as well as with the larger martial arts community in the micronational space and beyond.

The Administrative Body

Chairman Kevin Doan is the only person in executive charge of the MMAA.

The AB is the foundation of the organization, and it is essential for the MMAA to carry out its various statutory responsibilities.

MMAA Ministries & Positions

Ministry/ Position Ministry Purpose Ministry Director
Executive Ministry This ministry holds all personnel who lead MMAA like the chairman and his/ her assistant etc Director/ Chairman Kevin

Chairman's Assistant Mo

Education Ministry This ministry presides over qualifying instructors to teach all kinds of martial arts as part of the MMAA
Membership Ministry This particular ministry is for the sole purpose of recruiting new member nations and the membership processes
Inspection Ministry This ministry allows for inspection of training sites by qualified individuals so that those sites can be approved for training under MMAA instructors or affiliated personnel
General Affairs Ministry This ministry is for all other operations that occur in MMAA (Equipment, uniforms, practitioner enrollment etc.)
Safety Officer The SO is appointed to ensure applicant nations and their delegations do not pose a threat to member nations and to the integrity of the association

The Peak Body

All or most of these criteria should be answered affirmatively by a peak industry body.

1. Is the association referred to in any State or Federal Government legislation

2. Does the association have a history in the management, development and implementation of policies, procedures, programs and standards that have been applied within the industry

3. Does the association have significant industry representation

4. Does the association have in place mechanisms to receive input from industry participants and stakeholders

5. Is the association recognized by any State and/or Federal government agencies or Departments

6. Has the associations Code of Practice been referred to or applied as a standard in any local, district, high or supreme court action or decision

7. Does the association have, within its administrative structure, the capacity to source the appropriate specialist advise that it may need to formulate, revise and implement a standard, policy or code

8. Has the association developed partnerships/working relationships with key industry stakeholders and/or association, organizations that can influence or dictate outcomes within the industry (e.g. insurance companies)

The MMAA can answer ‘yes’ to all of these points and there is simply no other association that even comes close in its capacity to do the same.

Practitioner Principles

The practitioner principles are a collection of guidelines or criteria that MMAA practitioners must adhere to.

According to the MMAA, these principles are intended to assist and advise practitioners.

Principle #1

"Strive to reach the height of martial arts in order to serve mankind."

Principle #2

"Faithfully build up my martial arts discipline and develop a new generation of martial arts youth."

Principle #3

"Live in harmony with others, respect my seniors and love my fellow disciples."

Principle #4

"Absolutely obey rules and regulations, and uphold the honor of a martial artist."

Principle #5

"Respect disciples of all martial arts styles/ forms, and only use force for self-defense and defense of justice."

Principle #6

"Strive for personal and ethical enrichment."

Principle #7

"Live an honest, modest, and noble life."

Principle #8

"Develop a firm will to overcome all obstacles in life."

Principle #9

"Develop sound judgment and stamina, and act with wisdom."

Principle #10

"Be confident, self-controlled, and benevolent; and constantly review myself to strive for improvements."

Member states

Members colored in yellow are founding members
Current Members
Member Country Representative Year of Membership
Kingdom of Blazdonia HM King Kevin 2021
Second Rovian Empire HI&RM Emperor Mo 2021
Kingdom of Pontunia HRM King Andrew 2021
Kingdom of Cutenstonia HM Queen Zadie 2021
Greater Bastrian Empire HIM Emperor Eben Berkvens 2021
Kingdom of Wellmoore HM King Luke 2021
Hasanistan Filaret Zakharov 2021
The Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia Braydin Brooke 2021
Republic of Quailia Chancellor Benedict Baltz 2021
The Federal Socialist Republic of Sbeba Basheer Zafar 2021
Kingdom of Arendelle Evelyn Homewood 2021
Yu-Xia HIM Emperor Matthew 2022
Muskratia Marek 2022
Urabba Parks Danny Racovolis 2022
Turkopolis Nurlan 2022

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