Greater Bastrian Empire

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Greater Bastrian Empire
Coat of arms
Motto: Veni, vidi, vici (Latin: I Saw, i came, i conquered)

Begijnendijk, Belgium
and largest city
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• chancellor
Siebe Fleurman
• Emperor
Eben Berkvens
Establishment4th June 2021
• Bastras's population is mostly young people and children, all of Bastra's citizens are loyal to the throne. census
55 (estimate)
CurrencyKPU/ Euros(locally used currency, not an official currency)
This nation is a member of the Gartius League

The Greater Bastrian Empire was founded by His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Eben Berkvens, when the former UPKB (United Parlisme Kingdoms) collapsed due to civil strife. The Bastrian banner now unites the entire country.


The victors of the UPKB (United Parlisme Kingdoms) battle came up with the name Bastra because they believed it was a good way to unite the kingdom. Locals speak Flemish, while English is the official language of the Empire of Bastra in diplomatic matters and with people of forgein languages.


May 2021

The Premier Started a small militia group named The Imperial legion, planing to take down the government.


The Civil War Has Started, but later that day the two enemies decided to end the conflict and unite.

The Empire Of Bastra


The Population doubled in a week

Politics and government

The Bastrian Council adopted an absolute monarchy as their philosophy, and their successful business is built on trading in sticks and other precious goods.


Kingdom of Bastra

The kingdom of Bastra is the nation made by Eben Berkvens before it became the greater bastrian empire. Its currently the ruling nation over the two vassals. Its ruled by the House of Berkvens

Duchy of Bastra

Its a part of the Bastrian Kingdom and Greater Bastrian Empire, its duke is Emperor Eben Berkvens

Duchy of Speelbosje

Its a part of the Bastrian Kingdom and Greater Bastrian Empire, its duke was Emperor Mo I of Rovia, and now it is governed de-facto by Emperor Eben Berkvens


Its servers as the Bastrian Capital its an town within the greater Bastrian empire. It also houses Fort Berkvens and the Imperial Palace.


Kingdom Of Dragović

Duchy Of Dragović

Political parties

National Labor Party

The National Labor Party or NLP is currently the biggest party and wants to improve housing conditions in Bastra, Also focusing on military funding to have Bastra safe from any enemies.

Law and order

  • If you are on Bastrian territory you must listen to the Bastra authorities.
  • If you do something wrong on Bastra premises, you will receive a task penalty.

Foreign relations


1st Infantry Division

The first Infantry division guards the borders and every Kingdom within the Greater Bastrian Empire

1st Infantry Regiment

The Bastrian 1st Infantry Regiment, sometimes known as the Big Yellow One, is a Bastrian Army infantry regiment. This unit, which was founded in 2021, is the Bastrian army's oldest surviving unit. The iconic shoulder patch, which depicts a giant Yellow number '1', inspired the term Big Yellow One. Duty First is the division's motto, however personnel of the military unit frequently employ the tagline No Mission Too Difficult, No Sacrifice Too Great.

Special Forces

The Special Forces is an elite force, led by Dries Goossens

2nd Infantry Regiment

2nd Infantry Division

3rd Infantry Regiment


Batch Rank Medical MedicialRank
Corporal Medical Corporal
1st Soldier 1st Medical Soldier
Soldier Medical Soldier

Geography and climate

The picture above shows the hard-working UPKB citizens digging for a military base, where secret documents are rumoured to be stored. '


Bastra's economy is based around trading. It's Gdp is 2,000 sticks.

Culture and media

The Basrtas celebrates a combination of cultures, including Belgic culture and Bastra patriotism and national pride. This is a one-of-a-kind culture that honours both the ancient and the young, the old being Belgic and the young being Bastra.

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