United Parlisme Kingdoms of Begijnendijk

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[[File:vlags1.svg |150px]]

United Parlisme Kingdoms Of Begijnendijk
Coat of arms
Motto:  Start Small End Big
Largest cityWosu
Official languagesDutch, English
• King
Siebe Fleurman
• Premier
Eben Berkvens
Establishment14th February 2021
• Upkb's population is mostly young people and children, all of UPKB's citizens are loyal to the throne. census
Currencysticks/ Euros(locally used currency, not an official currency)

The United Parlisme Kingdoms Of Begijnendijk, also known as UPKB. It is a micronation located in Belgium. UPKB has a Semi Communistic/Capitalistic ideology with the king as the head of the state to promote fair trade. UPKB uses sticks to trade for edible food. UPKB's terrain is mainly consisting of forest, with a river flowing in between their lands. UPKB also has an island. And have multiple provinces.

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List Of Provinces

List Of Villages

List Of Citys



Summer-Camp 2019

  • The Prime-Minister came with the idea to create a micronation called UPKB.

Summer-Break 2019

  • The Prime-Minister Made his micronation a reality, although not independent yet, the UPKB was soon forming its nation.

June 2020

  • The Prime-Minister Forgets his micronation and so it got disbanned


February 2021

  • While going to a youth movement the UPKB discovered a perfect place to make their micronation, thus, on 14 February 2021 UPKB Declared independent.

May 25, 2021

  • The first two battles have been fought against an unkown nation.

Politics and government

This country is parlistic, an ideology created by eben berkvens, the prime minister of the UPKB, an ideology focusing on Its semi capitalist communism cores with the exception of trading, so the ideology is a semi capitalist communism trading ideology. their successful trading is based upon trading in sticks and other valuable items.

Nattional Laber Party
LeaderEben Berkvens
General SecretarySebastian Sommers
NewspaperDownfersett Weekly News Paper
the UPKB needs hard workers to make sheds and little camps for infrastructure.

Political parties

National Labor Party

The National Labor Party or NLP is currently the biggest party and wants to make the housing better. Also focusing on military.

Law and order

  • If you are on UPKB territory you must listen to the UPKB authorities.
  • If you do something wrong on UPKB premises, you will receive a task penalty.

Foreign relations

Battle Of Barre
Part of The Begijnendijkse War
This Battle was fought against an unkown country
Date23 may 2021
Status Inactive
United Parlisme Kingdoms Of Begijnendijk ?????
Commanders and leaders
Daan Van Hooven
Eben Berkvens
Jaro Van Herck
Units involved
1st Infantry Regiment ????
4 4
Casualties and losses
soldiers 11 soldiers 9
General Daan Van Hoven got a medal for outstanding service


1st Infantry Division

1st Infantry RegimentUPKB

The 1st Infantry Regiment consists of 7 soldiers both men and women their commander Lukas Schroeven leads it with honor and the Captain Prime-Minister Eben Berkvens Helps him. The regiment was founded on 20th april 2021 1st Infantry Regiment Of UPKB

2nd Infantry RegimentUPKB

The 2nd Infantry Regiment consists of 2 soldiers their commander Liam Nhys also duke of Plau Shax leads his regiment into victory. The regiment was founded on 24th april 2021


Battle Of Bare

Battle of Bare is UPKB's first battle, in total there were 20 casulties (it was a game, something like tagg).

Geography and climate

The picture above shows the hard working UPKB citizens digging for a military base, where secret documents are rumored to be stored. '


Economy of UPKB
Fiscal year0.3
GDP growth500%
GDP per capita76.92
below poverty line
Labour force30%
Average gross salary100Sticks/month
Public finances
All values, unless otherwise stated, are in

UPKB'S economy is based around trading. It's Gdp is 3,000 sticks.

Culture and m[edia

The UPKB celebrates a mixed culture, a Belgic culture mixed in with UPKB patriotism and a sense of national pride. This is a unique type of culture which celebrates both old and young, old being Belgic, young being UPKB.to get in contact with it's citizens, and to have more information on UPKB, go to our weekly news paper https://downfersett-weekly-news-paper.mn.co/share/tPpoX3xSIiQxXo9J?utm_source=manual%20Downfersett%20weekly%20news%20paper Downfersett Weekly News Paper]
the UPKB hard workers make sheds and little camps for infrastructure.

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