Kingdom of Arendelle

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Arendelle is a kingdom named after the Arenfjord. The Kingdom of Arendelle was established on December 1, 2021.

However, it is situated in Queensland, Australia.

The Kingdom of Arendelle
Arendelle flag
Lower CoA of Arendelle
Anthem: [
• Queen
Queen Evelyn Homewood


After viewing the film Frozen, Queen Evelyn had the idea. She looked up Disney's portrayals and resolved to make her fantasy come true.

Arendelle is designed to be a liberation movement, not a work of fiction based on a film. Arendelle aspires to be as peaceful as a micronation can be while yet acting as a legitimate country.

The Kingdom of Arendelle was established on December 1, 2021.


Arendelle is a tiny kingdom with a monarch as its ruler. The Queen of Arendelle wields enormous political influence across the realm and may make decisions practically unilaterally. The ruling monarch has complete authority over diplomatic matters and can appoint officials and create new offices.

Flags & Crests

Diplomatic Encounters

Diplomacy and relations with other sovereignties is a key aspect to a nation's growth.

The reigning monarch has full control over diplomatic affairs.

Diplomatic relations

Sovereignty Since
Kingdom of Blazdonia 2021

Diplomatic organizations

Organization/ Association Year of Membership
Micronationalist Martial Art Association 2021