Luis Treece

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His Royal Majesty
Luis Treece I
Great Emperor of Smlosa
Luis Treece in 2024
4th Emperor of Smlosa
Reign20 January 2019 – present
Coronation23 February 2023
PredecessorJose Garcia
1st Prime Minister of CSR
Reign20 January 2019 – present
1st Prince of Kolsburg
Reign19 October – 10 November 2010
1st Secretary General of SRP
Tenure5 March 2024
1st President of the Kingsman Society
Tenure17 January 2023
1st LGBTQ Rights Activist
Tenure2 April 2024
1st Vice President of Drift Nation
Tenure4 April 2024
1st Grand Duke of Polosia
Tenure22 April 2024
Born20 November 2009 (2009-11-20) (age 14)
Ann Arbor, United States w:United States
GirlfriendElla Divitto
HouseTreece Family & Schuyler family
FatherJon Treece
MotherErica Treece
ReligionCatholic, & Duckism

Luis Jay Treece (born: November 20, 2009) The Emperor of Kingdom of Smlosa Luis is an 8th Grader at Emerson Middle School in Livonia Michigan, and the Prime Minister of Colosia Soviet Republic and part of the Colosia Communist Party and the Smlosa Republican Party. He is in the Treece Royal Family plus he speaks Smlosianese also he is the commander of the Smlosa Royal Army.

Early life (2009 - 2017)

Luis Treece was born to Emperor Jon and Empress Erica on 20 November 2009. On 24 December 2016, at the age of 6, Luis joined his father Jon in occupying Eastern Livonia. On 2 September 2019, Prince Luis Treece and his family moved to Westland and Garden City.


After his father and mother's Divorce in 2014, Luis took over as the Emperor of Smlosa and is currently the reigning monarch as of 2023. Under his reign, a new website for Smlosa was created and the Kingdom of Smlosa became more active in 2024.

Tik Tok

Emperor Luis started TikTok on November 12 2018 and remade his Tik tok account on May 2 2024 as @luistreece2028


Ribbon bars of HM Emperor Luis Treece I

National Honors

2019 – 2022: Smlosa Royal Army Commander
2022 – 2023: Smlosa Royal Space Force Astronaut
2023 – present: Smlosi-Michiganian War Victory
2024 – 2025: Silver Star Award