Great Lawl Reich

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Great Lawl Reich

New Great Lawl Reich Flag.png
New GLReich Coat Of Arms.png
Coat of Arms

God is with us!
Capital city N/A
Largest city Butugychag City
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Ukrainian Catholicism
Demonym Lawlian
Government Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
- Tsar Tsar Stefan I
- Prime Minister Tsar Stefan I
Legislature N/A
Established 17 February 2014
Area claimed ~24.6 km sq
Population 1
Currency Canadian Dollar ($) (CAD)

Official Blog

The Great Lawl Reich is an micronation which has claims in the Southern Pacific Ocean, Eastern Russia, and Washington State. The Great Lawl Reich declared independence from Canada in February 2014. Despite the claims of independence, it is considered to be a micronation.



Geography and Administrative Divisions

Overseas Provinces

Flag Location Name Incorporated Population Governor
Overseas Provinces
New GLReich Southern Pacific Territory Flag.png GLRSPT.png Great Lawl Reich Southern Pacific Territory 7 March 2016 (Overseas Territory)
25 September 2016 (Overseas Province)
0 Tsar Stefan I
Butugychag Flag.png Map of Butugychag.png Province of Butugychag 17 May 2017 0 Tsar Stefan I

Reich Protectorates

Flag Location Name Incorporated Population Reich Protector
Reich Protectorate
Reich Protectorate of Bolson.png Reich Protectorate of Bolson Map.png Reich Protectorate of Bolson 17 January 2018 0 Tsar Stefan I

Foreign Relations