Great Lawl Reich

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Great Lawl Reich
Coat of Arms of Great Lawl Reich
Coat of Arms
God is with us!
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised regional languagesClassical Slin-Englysh
ReligionUkrainian Catholicism
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Tsar
Stefan I
• Prime Minister
Stefan I
Independence from Canada
• Great Lawl independence
17 February 2014
• Estimate
CurrencyCanadian dollar ($) (CAD)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Drives on theright

The Great Lawl Reich is a micronation that has claims in the Southern Pacific Ocean, Eastern Russia, Washington State, England, and Rhode Island. The Great Lawl Reich declared independence from Canada in February 2014. Despite the claims of independence, it is considered to be a micronation.


Administrative Divisions

Flag Location Name Incorporated Population Officials
Overseas Provinces
New GLReich Southern Pacific Territory Flag.png GLRSPT.png Great Lawl Reich Southern Pacific Territory 7 March 2016 (Overseas Territory)
25 September 2016 (Overseas Province)
0 Governor
Tsar Stefan I
Reich Protectorates
Reich Protectorate of Bolson.png Reich Protectorate of Bolson Map.png Tsardom and Reich Protectorate of Bolson 17 January 2018 0 Minister-President
Tsar Stefan I
New Obea Flag.png Oblea.png Tsardom of Oblea 31 August 2019 0 Tsar
Tsar Stefan I
Butugychag Flag.png Map of Butugychag.png Tsardom of Butugychag 17 May 2017 (Overseas Province)
17 May 2020 (Dependency)
0 Governor General
Tsar Stefan I
Flag of United Yeno.png North Yeno.png Tzardom of Yeno 15 December 2019 (Herzetian Territory, South Yeno)
14 February 2020 (Transitional Territory, North Yeno/New Slin)
16 February 2020 (Dependency, North Yeno/New Slin)
31 July 2020 (Great Lawl Reich Territory, South Yeno)
2 September 2020 (Dependency, North Yeno/New Slin and South Yeno)
4 Viceroy/Vicereine and Governor-General

Foreign Relations and Diplomacy

Nations with mutual diplomacy

  • Newnatlinflag.png Natlin, since 20 December 2019 (alliance).

Nations formerly had diplomacy with

  • Francian Flag.png Grand Empire of Francia, from 29 September 2017 to 14 April 2018 (personal union).
  • UnitedOceanStates.jpg United Ocean States, from 11 January 2020 to 7 March 2020 (alliance), from 11 March 2020 to 5 April 2020 (alliance).

Nations formerly had informal diplomacy

Organizations apart of

Organizations formerly apart of

  • United Micronations, from 18 May 2017 to 21 July 2019.
  • Intermicronational Security Council (formerly Anti First Stone Reich Coalition from 16 January 2019 to 30 October 2018), from 16 January 2018 to 31 January 31 2018, from 2 March 2018 to 12 January 2019.


The Government of the Great Lawl Reich is officially a constitutional monarchy ruled by an imperial Tsar.

Members of the Government



The Great Lawl Reich currently has a population of 5.


English is the most understood language of the Great Lawl Reich and its official language. Classical Slin-Englysh is a regional and secondary language used in the Tzardom of Yeno.


Ukrainian Catholicism is the majority and official religion of the Great Lawl Reich. Although Ukrainian Catholicism is the official religion, the Great Lawl Reich has freedom of religion.


National holidays

Name Date Notes
New Year's Day 1 January The first day of the Gregorian year.
Christmas Day (Eastern Christian Rites) 7 January Celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.
Reich's Day 17 February Celebrates the independence of the Great Lawl Reich.
Good Friday Friday before Easter Commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
Easter Dates varies Celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Tsar Stefan's Day 25 September Celebrates the birthday of His Imperial, Royal, and Serene Majesty, Tsar Stefan I.
Christmas Day (Western Christian Rites) 25 December Celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.


The Great Lawl Reich has an official blog simply called Great Lawl Reich. The blog was founded by Stefan I on 10 October 2011 as Ventus Helios. Before the founding of the Great Lawl Reich, Stefan I mainly posted random materials onto the blog, which have been deleted after the founding of the Great Lawl Reich. The blog currently serves as the main news and information source of the Great Lawl Reich.

There are currently two privately-owned YouTube channels by Stefan I. The first channel is called VentusCyborgHelios. The main contents on the channel were video games and Pivot Death Maze. VentusCyborgHelios is currently inactive as Stefan I shifted his focus to his second channel. The second channel is called The Great Lawl Reich. At first, Stefan mainly produced video game content on the channel. Stefan then changed the content produced, and now mainly produces content about the Great Lawl Reich.

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