Republic of Luxia

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Motto: Libertatem, Libertas, Semper
CapitalNew Ramonia
Official languagesEnglish, French
LegislatureThe Council of the Republic of Luxia
CurrencyUnited States Dollar, Unum, Aurum, etc .
Time zonePacific Standard Time
Date formatDay/Month/Year
Calling code+1



The Republic of Luxia is a micronation in the Bay Area of California. It has territories in San Ramon, California, USA, it claims the Byam Martin Islands of Canada, and it claims a third of Monrovia, Liberia.


The Goal of the Government is to make a libertarian paradise, similar to that of the Republic of Minerva, but having territories around the world.


The Official Government Website is


The Origins

The exact date of origination is unknown, but dates range from January 10, 2017, October 18, 2017. Its origins lay from an organization that was made in the year 2015. It was originally founded by Councilor Timothy Schoonover.

The Beginnings

Originally, Timothy Schoonover held dictatorial power over the territories which at the time were just small pieces of land in San Ramon.

The Kaiser Era

The Republic of Luxia used to be owned by the Kaiser of the Kaiser Commonwealth, which it joined during December 2017 and left on a vote of the Council in late February.



The Council of Luxia makes all legislative decisions for the government. The Council of Luxia is made of Dave Schneier, Timothy Schoonover, Anirudh Krishna, Adam BA, Sean Song, and Jesús UII.


The Government makes decisions on basis of the constitution of the Republic of Luxia, a massive (at least for micronations) 11-page document. Currently, the main source of legislation is a Google Sheets page (the link is confidential as confidential information is discussed i.e. matters of national and international security).