Greater Aleunnic War

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Greater Aleunnic War
Date31 January 2021 - 23 June 2021
(143 days)
Rhode Island

Faltrian-aligned victory


Reunited Ocean States[a]
Aleunnic Workers' Republic
Republic of Tueoedeth

Empire of Vulhalin[b]

Great Lawl Reich

Federal States of Delphia[c]

Latalle Monarchy  Surrendered
Commanders and leaders

Hunt P.
Jaime P. III
Isaac J. White
Ausveria Fredrick M.

Jacob Vancapelle

Tsar Stefan I

Edward Bell
Javier Martinez

Marcus Izzo  Surrendered
Units involved
Loyal 1st Infantry Regiment
Ocean States 1st Infantry Regiment
1st Workers' Bicycle Infantry


Latalle Irregulars

The Greater Aleunnic War was a conflict waged between the Great Lawl Reich and multiple anti-colonial micronations over the issue of colonization and other issues within the Rhode Island Sector micronational area.


Winter Stalemate

Conflict broke out initially when Reunited Ocean States declared war on the Great Lawl Reich at 6:49 PM EST on 31 January 2021, followed by the Aleunnic Workers' Republic at 7:32 PM EST.[1][2] The Republic of Tueoedeth declared war on the Great Lawl Reich at 7:42 PM EST that same day, citing diplomatic disputes with the leadership of the Micronational Assembly at the time.[3] Faltree issued an official declaration of war against Great Lawl Reich on 2 February 2021.[4] Initial military maneuvers were postponed due to poor weather conditions.

Spring Offensives

The Tzardom of Yeno was invaded and occupied by soldiers from Reunited Ocean States on 28 March 2021 under Operation Slin. Since then, the land has been occupied by Ocean States and there is no foreseeable recapture of the land by forces from the Great Lawl Reich. On April 17, the Latalle Monarchy declared independence from Reunited Ocean States over the issues of COVID laws in the nation. This lead to Reunited Ocean States declaring war on the newly independent Latalle to regain control of the territory.[5] The Empire of Vulhalin declared war on the Latalle Monarchy on April 17 in support of Reunited Ocean States. This lead to the 2nd Ocean States-Latalle War, which is considered another theater of the war. Ausveria joined the war against the Great Lawl Reich on 22 April 2021 in support of Faltree and other nations.

Invasion of Latalle

On 23 April 2021, at 11:30 AM EST, a joint ROS-Faltree invasion of Latalle was launched from the capital of Reunited Ocean States. The invasion force invaded the Latalle Monarchy from the north, moving west until reaching a flooded area. Soldiers then proceeded east and then south, having to navigate around the flooded areas of Latalle. It was a wet season during the invasion, causing most of Latalle to be swamped and flooded. The invasion force sweeped the entire perimeter of Latalle, encountering no resistance during the invasion. At about 1:05 PM EST, the invasion force retreated back to mainland Reunited Ocean States. This was a major victory for the anti-Latalle coalition. Latalle eventually surrendered a day later on the 24th of April, Marcus Izzo surrendering over Snapchat.

May Day Offensive

A photo of Fort Inter taken by ROS soldiers

The May Day Offensive occurred on the 1st of May, conducted by the Aleunnic Workers' Republic. It began when the 1st Workers' Bicycle Infantry began an invasion of the Aleunnic Czardom. The red flag of the Aleunnic Worker's Republic was raised over some parts of the island, with a YouTube video being posted as well.[6] Initial invasion forces entered the area at 12:13 PM EST, and the offensive officially concluded at around 1:25 PM EST. Vulhalin also ended cooperation with the coalition the day of the offensive as the Latalle theatre had been over for multiple days.

Delphian-Ocean States War

At 2:48 PM EST on 3 May 2021, Reunited Ocean States issued a declaration of war against the Federal States of Delphia. This began after the Delphian government supposedly did not respond to the demands of Ocean States to cede the Delphian territory of Fort Inter back to Ocean States. Reunited Ocean States is the only belligerent in the war against Delphia, as other participants in the Greater Aleunnic War have declared neutrality on the issue. It is considered a theatre of the war due to the issue of micronational colonialism in Rhode Island.

End of the conflict

On 5 June 2021, the Reunited Oceans States, Great Lawl Reich, and Delphia signed the Instrument of Surrender, where the Tzardom of Yeno and Fort Inter were seceded back to the Reunited Ocean States. About two weeks later on the 23rd would the war come to a full end, with the triumph of anti-colonial nations. In the treaty established, the Great Lawl Reich ceded its Aleunnic territories to the Aleunnic Workers Republic.

International Response

  • North Dirigo - On 17 April, North Dirigo announced diplomatic support for the government of Reunited Ocean States against the Latalle Monarchy.[7]
  • Kingdom of Nueva Esocia - On 12 May, Nueva Esocia announced diplomatic support for the Federal States of Delphia.
  • United Republics of Michigan - On 13 May, the United Republics of Michigan announced their diplomatic support for Delphia.


  1. From 31 January to 5 June. Signed a peace treaty with the Great Lawl Reich and Delphia.
  2. Only involved in the 2nd Ocean States-Latalle War from 17 April to 1 May. Never declared war on the Great Lawl Reich or Delphia.
  3. Delphia is only at war with Reunited Ocean States, see Delphian-Ocean States War.