Autonomous Province of Senland

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Autonomous Province of Senland
Flag of Autonomous Province of Senland
Motto: "Warten und sehen" (Wait and see)
LocationSkagit County
Washington, USA
GovernmentDemocratic-Nationalist Monarchy
• Kaiser
Nicolas Miranda
• Prime Minister
Christian Sylvia
• Census
CurrencySine/US dollar

The Autonomous Province of Senland, also known as Senland, was a micronation located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States; specifically in Northern Washington.

Brief Summary

Senland was founded in late August 2017, but has yet to declare independence. This small micronation of 5 young men controls about 5 acres of physical land in the woodlands of Washington State. The people of Senland are ethnically referred to as Sennish. The small state has one state-run company in which people apply to craft and sell clothing to soldiers of itself and to other micronations. The current state leader of Senland is Kaiser Nicolas Miranda, but the overseeing nation is the Imperium of the Americas, lead by Emperor William Wilson I.


Senland was founded in late August 2017 by Nicolas Miranda and Dawson Mills.