Sander II of Revalia

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Sander II
King of Revalia
King of Handme
King of Revalia
Reign27 April 2021 – present
Coronation27 April 2021
Prime MinisterPrince Paul
King of Handme
Reign15 June 2021 – present
Prince of Harju-ViruPrince Hans I
Political offices
Prime Minister of Revalia
In office
19 September 2020 – 27 April 2021
DeputyPrince Paul
Succeeded byPrince Paul
Prime Minister of Aswington
In office
25 February 2021 – 28 July 2021
PresidentJuan Cisneros
Preceded byAddison O'Halloran
Succeeded byAddison O'Halloran
Prime Minister of Kapreburg
Assumed office
11 March 2022
MonarchJackson I
Preceded byAbrams Wiucki-Dunswed
Minister for Culture of Austenasia
Assumed office
13 January 2022
MonarchsJonathan I
Prime MinisterWilliam Wilson
Preceded byOtto Green
BornTallinn, Estonia
Citizenship Estonia
Political partyMonarchist Party "Literator" (Revalia) (2020-2021)
ResidencesTrumpetburgh, Parish of Tallinn
Military career
RankField Marshal (Rev.)

Sander II is the King of the Revalian Kingdom. He is one of the founding fathers of the Revalian Kingdom.

Micronational career

In Revalia

Revalian ribbon bars worn by Sander II.

Sander is one of the founding fathers of the Revalian Kingdom. He became the Prime Minister in the provisional government at the same time fulfilling the duties of the head of state, as the Regent. He won the first elections in October 2020 and became Prime Minister. On 17 April 2021, he declared himself the King of Revalia taking the regnal name of Sander I. On 24 November 2021 he officially took the regnal name of Sander II.

Title of Sander II (english variant): His Majesty, Sander II, By the Grace of God, King of Revalia and All of Her Territories, Defender of the Constitution and Defender of the New and the Old Faith, King of the Revalians and Sakalans, Succesor to the Thrones of the Chiefs and Elders of Revalians and Sakalans, Elder of Härjänpää, Grand Duke of Rävala, Sovereign of the Most Noble Order of St. Anthony, Protector of the Most Honourable Order of Freedom, Sovereign of the Privy Council, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Revalian Armed Forces.
Title of Sander II (estonian variant; official variant): Tema Majesteet, Sander II, Jumala Armust, Revala ja Kõikide Tema Territooriumite Kuningas, Põhiseaduse ning Uue ja Vana usu kaitsja, Revalaste ja Sakalaste Kuningas, Revala ja Sakala Pealike ja Vanemate Troonide Pärija, Härjänpää Vanem, Rävala Suurhertsog, Kõige Õilsama Püha Antoniuse Ordeni Suverään, Kõige Aulikuma Vabaduse Ordeni Kaitsja, Kuningliku Nõukogu Suverään, Revala Kuninglike Relvajõudude Ülemjuhataja.

In Kapreburg

Kapresh ribbon bars worn by Sir Sander.

Sir Sander Koff is the Prime Minister of Kapreburg.

He is also a member of the House of Lords, and serves in the Kapresh Royal Army in the rank of General. Koff also plays in HM Royal Army Band, in which he started his career in Kapreburg, originally ranking as Corporal.

Koff's full title in Kapreburg is: General, Sir Sander Koff, Lord of Kapreburg, Commander of the 1st Reserve Infantry, Prime Minister, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Fidelity and Patriotism, Recipient of the Musician's Medal.

2 January 2021

Corporal Sander Koff

13 March

Corporal Sander Koff MSC

25 March 2021

Sergeant Sander Koff MSC

16 April 2021

Sergeant Sir Sander Koff MSC

17 May 2021

Sergeant Sir Sander Koff GCFP MSC

14 July 2021

Colonel Sir Sander Koff GCFP MSC

26 November 2021

General Sir Sander Koff GCFP MSC

In Vishwamitra

Styles of
Count of Harrien

Reference style The Right Honourable
Spoken style Your Right Honour
Alternative style Sir
Vishwamitran ribbon bars worn by Tan Sri Dato Sri Utama Sander Koff.

Lord Koff is the 1st Count Koff, and was formerly titled as Count of Harrien.

Koff's full title in Vishwamitra is:The Right Honourable General (Retired) Dato Sri Utama Sander Koff, Count Koff, King in Revalia, D.U.K., D.K. I (Purvanchal), D.K. I (Beltola), D.K. II (Purvanchal), S.U.M.P., D.P.B.M., D.P.R.D., D.U.R.K., D.U.U., D.P.R.K., R.S.P., C.S.P.

In Baustralia

Styles of
Lord Atlas

Reference style The Right Honourable
Spoken style Your Right Honour
Alternative style Sir
Baustralian ribbon bars worn by the Lord Atlas.

Lord Koff is a senior naval officer in Baustralia and the Viscount Atlas. Rising through the ranks from a Chief petty officer – serving as Trumpet Major of the Band of His Royal Navy – he rose all the way up to his current position as Fourth Sea Lord and Controller of the Navy, with the current rank of Admiral of the Fleet.

Koff's full title in Baustralia is: The Right Honourable Admiral of the Fleet Sander Koff, 1st Viscount Atlas in the County of Holderton, Fourth Sea Lord and Controller of the Navy, Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Gadus, Grand Cross Knight of the Most Excellent Order of the Baustralian Empire, Officer of the Order of the Kingdom of Baustralia, King's Service Medal, Naval Good Conduct Medal, Kapresh Star, His Royal Navy.

13 January 2021
Chief petty officer Sander Koff HRN
12 May 2021
Lieutenant commander Sander Koff GBE HRN
17 May 2021
Commander Sander Koff GBE HRN
27 May 2021
Rear admiral Sander Koff GBE HRN
9 June 2021
Rear admiral Sir Sander Koff KG GBE HRN
1 August 2021
Rear admiral Sander Koff, 1st Viscount of Atlas KG GBE HRN
1 January 2022
Rear admiral Sander Koff, 1st Viscount of Atlas KG GBE OKB KSM HRN
28 February 2022
Vice admiral Sander Koff, 1st Viscount of Atlas KG GBE OKB KSM HRN
15 July 2022
Admiral of the Fleet Sander Koff, 1st Viscount of Atlas KG GBE OKB KSM
11 January 2023
Admiral of the Fleet Sander Koff, 1st Viscount Atlas KG GBE OKB KSM

In Austenasia

Styles of
Lord Sander Koff, Duke of Aesti

Reference style His Grace
Spoken style Your Grace
Alternative style Lord Koff
Oppidum Tubae

In June 2021, Koff approached the government of the Empire of Austenasia with a request to join the country. On 25 June 2021, the Town of Oppidum Tubae was accordingly annexed to the Empire after being claimed for Austenasia by Koff and his brother. The claim consists of half of his home property, comprising some of their rooms, making them - but not their parents, who live in the same house - the two residents of the Oppidum Tubae. Koff was appointed Baron of Oppidum Tubae upon the Town's foundation.

Oppidum Tubae is currently represented in Parliament by Lord Koff, who was appointed its Acting Representative in the legislation which annexed the claim. He was elected to the position proper in a somewhat symbolic local election on 14 September 2021. Lord Koff was made an Officer of the Austenasian Order in the 2021 Independence Day Honours List, and was appointed Minister for Culture in January 2022. In July later that year, he was appointed to the vacant dukedom of Aesti.

On 5 April 2024, Lord Koff was appointed third in line to the Throne by the Austenasian Senate as part of a radical overhaul of the Line of Succession.

25 June 2021
Lord Sander Koff, Baron of Oppidum Tubae
29 July 2022
Lord Sander Koff, Duke of Aesti

Awards, honours, and arms

Styles of
Sander I
Reference style His Majesty
Spoken style Your Majesty
Alternative style Sir

National honours

Other honours

Provincial honours
Former honours
Former honours
State honours


Coat of arms of Lord Atlas
Displayed in this infobox is his Baustralian achievement.
Coronet of a Viscount
A fouled anchor or.
Helm of a nobleman matled Sable doubled Argent.
Argent a chevron Sable, in chief two ermine spots Or fimbriated of the Second, in base a bolnisi cross of the Second.
Lions rampant ermine gorged with a naval coronet.
A grassy mount vert.
Knight of the Order of the Gadus, Grand Cross Knight of the Order of the Baustralian Empire.
Other elements
Differenced with a crescent or.
Lord Atlas' banner of the Order of the Gadus.
Previous versions
Achievement prior to being ennobled as a Viscount in Baustralia. This version lacks the Order of the Gadus, supporters and the coronet. A gentleman's helm is used instead of a noble helm.


Ancestors of Sander II
4. HRH Prince Jüri, the Duke of Jõelähtme
2. HRH Prince Indrek, the Duke of East
5. HRH Princess Tiia, the Duchess of Jõelähtme
1. Sander II
6. Heldur Rõuk (d. 2000)
3. HRH Princess Eva, the Duchess of East
7. HRH Princess Mai, the Grand Duchess of Harju
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