Order of the Gadus

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Most Noble Order of the Gadus
Arms of the Order of the Gadus: A St. George's cross gules; circumscribed with the belt.
Awarded by the

Sovereign of Baustralia
Established20 June 2017
Country Baustralia
MottoLatin: A BENE PLACITO (From one well pleased)
CriteriaAt the Monarch's pleasure
StatusCurrently constituted
FounderKing John
SovereignKing John
ChancellorLord John Timpson KG
  • Knight/Lady
  • Royal Knight/Lady
  • Stranger Knight/Lady
  • KG/LG
First induction20 June 2017
Last induction23 April 2024
Total inductees
Tally: 39
Next (higher)John Cross
Next (lower)Order of the Oyster

Riband of a Knight/Lady of the Gadus

Star of a Knight/Lady of the Gadus

The Order of the Gadus (officially the Most Noble Order of the Gadus) is an order of chivalry founded by John in 2017 and regarded as the most prestigious Baustralian order of chivalry.

Appointments are made at the sole discretion of the Sovereign, and like the Order of the Garter, appointments are usually made on St. George's Day (23 April), as the patron saint of Baustralia is Saint George. Honours may also be released on New Years.

The sovereign may only appoint 24 of his citizens, though may appoint as many supernumerary knights – members of the Royal Family, and foreign monarchs – as he wishes.

The order's emblem is a gold (yellow) belt, with the words A•BENE•PLACITO (Latin: From one well pleased) in black lettering.


Ribbon bar of the Monarch's Decoration

The order of the Gadus originally was founded as a decoration from the Monarch, called the Monarch's Decoration, with the same structure as today. It was changed to a order of chivalry, with appointees being a part of the Gadus knighthood.

When the order was changed, it was still called Monarch's Decoration, but was due for a name change. The name was planned to be 'Most Noble Order of the x' and the last part was not known yet. After thought, on 9 April 2018, CADVS (GADUS in modern Latin) was chosed as it is the Latin word for cod.


The member, upon appointing, may wear a four-inch (10.16 cm)-wide sash worn over their left shoulder to their right hip. The arms of the Order may be worn on this sash on the left breast, unless in military uniform with medals. Also, a breast star may be worn with the sash. Pendant from the bow on the sash is the royal cypher encircled with the circles of the Gadus.


The Order is considered a personal gift from the sovereign, where he doesn't require permission from government to appoint members. Membership consists of up to 24 Regular Knights or Ladies Companion, and various Supernumerary members. These include the Sovereign of the Order, John; various Royal Knights or Ladies Companion, all coming from the Royal House; and various Stranger Knights and Ladies Companion, which consists of foreign monarchs that the Sovereign chooses.


Membership is considered a personal gift of the Sovereign under his terms of Chivalry. The member must be faithful to his beliefs, whether they are religious beliefs or not, hold fair morals, and also have loyalty to the Crown. Should a member fail to do this, he may be degraded.

Degradation of Members

A degradation of a member is done in a ceremony where members proceed to the banners, where the plate and banner is thrown onto the floor, and kicked to Ostreum – thereby soiling the banner – to be burned. Members degraded are Aidan McGrath, and Abrams I of Ikonia, both for annexing Fox Islands. In 2020, Mecca Thompson and Reagan Greenson were degraded after committing treason and conspiring to commit mutiny.

List of members

His Excellency Kevin Baugh KG OBE wearing the Order of the Gadus riband, star, and ribbon bars of the Orders of the Gadus and Baustralian Empire (note the order is displayed incorrectly)
List of current members of the Order
Member number Rank Name Year of appointment Present age Rank Banner
Admiral of the Fleet The King Sovereign of since 2018 20 Royal Knight Companion
Commodore The Duke of Kingston KG HRN 2018 53 Royal Knight Companion
Surgeon admiral The Duchess of Concord LG GBE OKB OE KSM BTA HRN 2018 18 Royal Lady Companion
Surgeon lieutenant commander Susan, Duchess of Kingston LG RN HRN 2018 53 Royal Lady Companion
Captain Emperor of Austenasia 2019 29 Stranger Knight Companion
Captain Kevin Baugh KG OBE HRN 2020 61 Stranger Knight Companion
Charles, King of Cheskgariya 2020 22 Stranger Knight Companion
Field Marshal Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra 2021 22 Stranger Knight Companion
Admiral King of Ikonia 2021 17 Stranger Knight Companion
Vice admiral King of Revalia 2021 16 Stranger Knight Companion
Rajpramukh of Beltola 2022 20 Stranger Lady Companion
Rajpramukh of Uttaranchal 2022 22 Stranger Knight Companion
1 Admiral of the Fleet Lord John Timpson KG GBE CKB OW CStG MM DVex ADC(P) MP HRN 2018 20 Knight Companion
2 Captain Lady Smith LG MM HRN 2018 20 Lady Companion
3 Lieutenant general The Duke of Tremur KG CKB MM 2019 20 Knight Companion
4 Admiral Lord Mayjames KG KO CKB OW MM HRN 2019 20 Knight Companion
5 Marshal of His Royal Air Force Lord Smithfield KG CKB 2019 21 Knight Companion
6 Major general Lord Gruene KG KSM BD CD 2019 80 Knight Companion
7 Lady Gruene LG BSc RN 2019 79 Lady Companion
8 Colonel Lord Douro KG KBE OM 2019 73 Knight Companion
9 (10) Admiral of the Fleet Sir Lord Wooler KG CBE MP HRN 2019 20 Knight Companion
10 (11) Lady Amanda Smith LG 2019 Lady Companion
11 (12) Admiral of the Fleet Lord Jenkinson of Worthing KG OBE 2019 22 Knight Companion
12 (15) Admiral Sir Nick Sullivan KG OKB MM MM MP HRN 2020 19 Knight Companion
13 (16) General The Duke of London KG KO OBE OKB KSM ADC(P) 2020 21 Knight Companion
14 (18) Vice admiral Marchioness of Flavora LG LO MBE MKB KSM HRN 2020 18 Lady Companion
15 (19) The Reverend Canon Duke of Cascadia KG OM ChStG KSM BD BSc MDiv 2021 Knight Companion
16 (21) General Sir Gregory Watts KG CBE MM MP 2021 20 Knight Companion
17 (23) General Lady Emily Day LG MKB MM KSM MP 2021 21 Knight Companion
18 (24) Lieutenant commander Lord Simpson KG MM ADC MP HRN 2021 22 Knight Companion
19 (25) General Lord Greystone KG MBE MM KSM 2021 Knight Companion
20 (26) Lieutenant general Lord Wright KG OBE 2021 19 Knight Companion
21 (27) Commander Lady Ella Parker LG LO DBE OKB MP HRN 2024 20 Lady Companion
22 (28) Vice admiral Sir Oliver Doig KG KO OW KSM MM MP HRN 2024 20 Knight Companion
23 (29) Lieutenant Sir Dante Maracle KG HRN 2024 21 Knight Companion
24 Vacant


Coats of arms of Knights and Ladies of the Gadus
The Sovereign
Arms of the King

Royal Knights and Ladies
Arms of The Duke of Kingston Arms of Susan, Duchess of Kingston Arms of The Duchess of Concord

Extra Knights and Ladies Companion
Arms of Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia Arms of Kevin Baugh, President of Molossia Arms of Charles, King of Cheskgariya
Arms of Varuna Sriraya, Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra Arms of Abrams I, King of Ikonia Arms of Sander II, King of the Revalian Kingdom
Arms of Tanishkaa Patranabish, Rajpramukh of Beltola Arms of Bishnu Chetry, Rajpramukh of Uttaranchal

Knights and Ladies Companion
Arms of Lord John Timpson Arms of The Marchioness Smith Arms of The Viscount Mayjames
Arms of The Marquess of Smithfield Arms of The Viscount of Gruene Arms of The Viscountess of Gruene
Arms of The Marquess of Douro Arms of The Viscount of Wooler Arms of Lady Amanda Smith
Arms of the Baron Jenkinson of Worthing Arms of The Duke of Tremur Arms of Sir Nick Sullivan
Arms of The Duke of London Arms of Charles Burgardt Arms of The Marchioness of Flavora
Arms of The Duke of Cascadia Arms of The Earl of Westminster Arms of Greg Watts
Arms of The Duke of Wells Arms of Emily Day Arms of the Earl of Greystone
Arms of the Earl Simpson Arms of the Lord Wright Arms of Lady Ella Parker
Arms of Sir Oliver Doig Arms of Sir Dante Maracle (TBA) Vacant

The Order
Arms of the Order Variant with the royal arms and Tudor Crown