Order of the Oyster

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Most Honourable Order of the Oyster
Arms of the Most Honourable Order of the Oyster (proposed).svg
Arms of the Order of the Oyster
Awarded by the
Royal Arms of Baustralia.svg
Sovereign of Baustralia
Established20 June 2017
Country Baustralia
MottoProposed: VEXILLA PRODEVNT (The banners go forward)
CriteriaAt the Monarch's pleasure
StatusCurrently constituted
FounderKing John
SovereignKing John
ChancellorThe Duke of London
  • Knight/Lady
  • KO/LO
Total inductees
Tally: 6
Next (higher)Order of the Gadus
Next (lower)Order of the Baustralian Empire

Riband of a Knight/Lady of the Gadus

The Order of the Oyster (officially the Most Honourable Order of the Oyster) is an order of chivalry founded by John in 2017 and regarded as the most prestigious Ostrei order of chivalry.


The member, upon appointing, may wear a four-inch (10.16 cm)-wide sash worn over their left shoulder to their right hip. The arms of the Order may be worn on this sash on the left breast, unless in military uniform with medals. Also, a breast star may be worn with the sash.

New insignia was developed in late 2022 by inaugural Oyster King of Arms, William Wilson, 1st Duke of Northumbria.


Membership is considered a personal gift of the Sovereign under his terms of Chivalry. The member must be faithful to his beliefs, whether they are religious beliefs or not, hold fair morals, and also have loyalty to the Crown. Should a member fail to do this, he may be degraded.

List of members

List of current members of the Order
No. Rank Name Present age
Baustralia HRN OF-10 (infobox).svg Admiral of the Fleet Baustralian crown.svg The King 19
1 Baustralia HRAF OF-10 (infobox, adc-p).svg Marshal of His Royal Air Force Coronet of a Baustralian Duke.svg The Duke of London KG KO OKB OW KSM ADC(P) 20
2 Baustralia HRN OF-8 (infobox).svg Vice admiral Coronet of a Baustralian Marquess.svg The Marchioness of Flavora LG LO MBE MKB KSM HRN 17
3 Baustralia Army OF-6 (infobox).svg Brigadier Coronet of a Baustralian Earl.svg The Earl of Cornwall KO MBE OW 19
4 Baustralia HRN OF-4 (infobox).svg Commander Lady Ella Parker LO GBE OKB MP HRN ~ 19
5 Baustralia HRN OF-8 (infobox).svg Vice admiral Sir Oliver Doig KO OW KSM MM HRN 19
6 Baustralia HRN OF-8 (infobox).svg Vice admiral Coronet of a Baustralian Viscount.svg The Viscount Mayjames KG KO CKB OW MM HRN 19