Baustralian Forces Decoration

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Baustralian Forces Decoration
Awarded by the
Royal coat of arms of Baustralia.svg
Sovereign of Baustralia
TypeMilitary medal
EstablishedJune 20, 2017
RibbonBlue, white
Criteria12 years of good service in the Baustralian Armed Forces
First induction20 June 2017

Ribbon bar

The Baustralian Forces Decoration (post-nominal: BD) is a service medal given to troops of the Baustralian Armed Forces after 12 years. Bars are awarded each 10 years of subsequent service. Only one has been awarded to John I, and should expect his bar in 2039. The medal is based in design and concept to the Canadian Forces Decoration. The medal is also automatically given to the monarch.


The medal is awarded to officers and non-commissioned members of the Regular and Reserve forces, including honorary appointments. The medal may be awarded to persons with foreign service, provided that the individual has completed the full qualifying periods of service for each award.


The ribbon is dark blue, with three thin white striped marked thereon. The medal is octagonal and features a bust of John I on it. The reverse is the name, rank and service number of the receiver as well as the serial number of the medal itself. The bar is a gold colour with the crowned shield of arms of Baustralia.

Baustralian Forces Decoration medals.svg