Order of the Baustralian Empire

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The Most Excellent
Order of the Baustralian Empire
Star of the Order of the Baustralian Empire.svg
Breast star
Awarded by the
Royal coat of arms of Baustralia (OBE).svg
Sovereign of Baustralia
Established31 July 2017
Countrythe  Baustralian Empire
MottoFor God, Empire, and King
Post-nominalsKnight/Dame Grand Cross (GBE)
Knight/Dame Commander (KBE/DBE)
Commander (CBE)
Officer (OBE)
Member (MBE)[a]
Total inductees26
Next (higher)Order of the Gadus
Next (lower)Order of Merit

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The Most Excellent Order of the Baustralian Empire is a dynastic order established by John after imperialization of the Commonwealth of Baustralia. It succeeded the Order of the Baustralian Commonwealth.

Methods of wear

Knight Grand Cross Knight Commander Commander Officer Member
Medal None None Gold Gold Silver
Neck badge Yes Yes Yes No No
Star Yes Yes No No No
Sash Yes No No No No


Current Knights/Dames Grand Cross
Baustralia: King John - 2017
 Baustralia: Sir John Timpson - 2017
Baustralia: The Duchess of Concord - 2019
 Baustralia: Sir Harrison Pickles - 2021
 Baustralia: The Viscount of Atlas - 2021
Current Knight Commanders
 Baustralia: Sir Nick Sullivan - 2021
 Baustralia: The Duke of Wells - 2021
 Baustralia: Sir Charles Burgardt - 2022
 Baustralia: Sir Floyd Condon - 2022
 Baustralia: The Baron Pasternak - 2022
Current Commanders
 Baustralia: The Viscount of Englewood - 2021
 Baustralia: Sir Greg Watts - 2021
 Baustralia: Deivisson Floriano - 2021
 Baustralia: Joseph Peto - 2022
 Baustralia: The Earl of Middlesex - 2022
Current Officers
 Baustralia: The Baron Jenkinson of Worthing - 2020
 Molossia: Kevin Baugh - 2020
 Ostreum: The Duke of London - 2021
 Baustralia: The Duke of Northumbria - 2022
 Baustralia: Sir Kaden Wright - 2022
Current Members
 Ostreum: The Earl of Cornwall - 2019
 Baustralia: The Earl of Greystone - 2019
 Baustralia: Carson Snyder - 2021
 Baustralia: Brianna Boersma - 2022
 Baustralia: Liam Munroe - 2022


Knights and Dames Grand Cross Royal coat of arms of Baustralia (OBE).svg Arms of John Timpson.svg Arms of the Princess of Wabasso.svg Arms of Sir Harrison Pickles.svg Coat of arms of the 1st Viscount of Atlas.svg
Knights and Dames Commander Arms of Nick Sullivan.svg Coat of arms of the 1st Duke of Wells.svg Coat of arms of Charles Burgardt.svg Arms of Sir Floyd Condon.svg Coat of arms of the Baron Pasternak.svg
Commanders Coat of arms of Jack Morris.svg Coat of arms of Greg Watts.svg Coat of arms of Deivisson Buttigheri Floriano.svg Coat of arms of Joseph Peto.svg Coat of arms of the Earl of Middlesex.svg
Officers Coat of Arms of Hankery Jenkinson.svg Coat of Arms of Kevin Baugh.svg Arms of the Duke of London.svg Coat of arms of the Duke of Northumbria.svg Coat of arms of Kaden Wright.svg
Members Arms of the 1st Earl of Cornwall.svg Coat of arms of Geoff Audas.svg Coat of arms of Carson Synder.svg Coat of arms of Brianna Boersma.svg Coat of arms of Liam Munroe.svg


  1. GBauE, KBauE, etc., may be used to disambugate from the Order of the British Empire.