Kapresh Civil War

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Kapresh Civil War

Proclamation of the formation of the Grand Republic of Kapreburg
Date23 June – 18 September 2021 (2021-06-23 – 2021-09-18)
(2 months, 3 weeks and 5 days )
  • Faltrian Annexation of Providence Rock
  • Grand Republic of Kapreburg annexed by Faltree, Commission of Kapreburg formed by Faltree
  • Six month ceasefire
Commanders and leaders
  • Kapreburg 12
  • Baustralia 23
  • Revalia 10
  • 3
  • 8
  • Total: 56
  • 6
  • 2
  • 5
  • 5
  • 1
  • 8
  • Ausveria 7
  • 15
  • 5
  • Total: 54 (Estimate)

The Kapresh Civil War was a civil war originating in the Empire of Kapreburg. It began on 23 June 2021 and was ignited by the 2021 Kapresh walkout and enflamed by further dispute and tensions regarding the nation. It encompasses the 2021 Walkout, multiple successions, the Faltrian-Kapresh War and invasion of Providence Rock, and Operation Piss Shoot.

It was considered finished with the signing of a six-month ceasefire and recognition treaty known as the Treaty of New Albuquerque, signed on 18 September 2021. The Grand Republic was dissolved on 23 September, and its land given to Faltree.



The 2021 Kapresh walkout is often cited as the beginning of the Kapresh Civil War. The walkout began on 23 June 2021, when Connor Shaw, Jacob Vancapelle, and Hunt Powell were spamming the Empire of Kapreburg discord server with different images, mocking Jackson I of Kapreburg. At 3:56 PM CDT a Discord server was made by Jacob Vancapelle, named "Kapreburg 2" At 4:07 PM, Hunt Powell, Jacob Vancapelle, and Asher Young resigned from the House of Commons. After this, Powell and Vancapelle resigned their citizenship. The invite for the Republic server was spread, and it gained many members. Jackson I was among some of the members, and quickly resorted to calling the people who started the server traitors. At 4:23 PM, Hunt Powell announced that he would invade the Kapresh territory of Providence Rock, however, stated that he was unsure if he would invade it under the Aleunnic Worker's Republic, Faltree, or the Grand Republic of Kapreburg. A citizenship form for the Republic was posted at 4:25 PM. At 4:26 PM it was renamed to the Grand Republic of Kapreburg to avoid confusion with the Republic of Kapreburg that lasted from January 2019 to May 2019.

Formation of breakaway states

The Grand Republic of Kapreburg was the first state to be formed during the war. They were followed by the Islamic Emirate of Kapreburg at 4:16 PM on 23 June 2021, which was dissolved 6 minutes later. At 5:02 PM, the Great Kapresh Empire was formed by Owen Bean, which dissolved later in the day at 11:00 PM. At 5:06 PM the State of Kapreburg was formed by Matthew Cunningham as a fascist faction to the war. The leaders of the Grand Republic of Kapreburg were quick to voice their discontent with the other factions, stating that it was delegitimizing their cause, and some suggested that all the factions should merge into the Grand Republic. The People's Movement for the Liberation of Kapreburg was then later formed by Cole Baird. On 25 June 2021, Ela'r'oech began the 2nd Empire of Kapreburg as a constituent state for the Kingdom of the United Elarian Front. The leader of Ela'r'oech described the state as a "solution for those who would like Kapreburg with a competent monarch." This helped them gain support from more pro-monarchist micronations such as Pontunia and the Empire of Laguna. Later this day the National Republic of Kapreburg was formed, with Javier Martinez as the Prime Minister.

Further diplomatic intervention

At this time, the Empire of Kapreburg had no supporters, until the Revalian Kingdom entered the war. At around 20:00 on the night of 25 June, Daniel Maloney of the Constitutional Republic of Columbia claimed all of Kapreburg, falsely assuming that the Empire had ceased to exist. At 22:57 on 26 June, Delphia recognized the GRK as the true Kapresh state and entered the war on the anti-imperial side. The United Republics first remained neutral, attempting to compromise to no avail, so the UR sent an ultimatum to Jackson I,[1] which was rejected. Subsequently, the URM declared war on Imperial Kapreburg[2] at 21:35 on 6 July and it came into effect at 23:59 later that night. At 21:00 on the night of 11 July, Surdam entered the war on Imperial Kapreburg's side in reaction to the Faltrian invasion of Providence Rock. At 19:49 on 12 July, Rodentia entered the war on Imperial Kapreburg's side. At 12:56 on 27 July, Surdam exited the war.

Loss of support for the Grand Republic

On 18 September 2021, the Treaty of New Albuquerque was signed. This caused Faltree, Wegmat, the Reunited Ocean States, Ausveria, Wendatia, the Aleunnic Workers' Republic, Pontunia, and Laguna to drop support for the Grand Republic. Later that day, the Empire of Kapreburg and Delphia signed a mutual recognition treaty, and Delphia dropped support. This also caused the National Republic of Kapreburg to be dissolved. Jackson I then proposed dissolving the 2nd Empire of Kapreburg to Charles Madgett, Madgett agreed and dissolved the 2nd Empire on 19 September, with reasoning given being that it hadn't helped the Kingdom of the United Elarian Front expand. Later on 19 September the United Republics dropped out of the war. This left the Grand Republic on their own.

End of the War

On 23 September 2021 the Grand Republic agreed to be Annexed By Faltree. Some see this as the end date of the war, but others have argued that the war ended on 18 September, upon the signing of the Treaty of New Albuquerque. Others argue that the war ended on 19 September, when the last nation supporting the Grand Republic pulled out of the war.

Course of the conflict

Faltrian-Kapresh War

Poster made by Owen Bean promoting the view that Providence Rock belongs to Faltree

The Faltrian-Kapresh War was the main front of the war in New England that was begun by Faltree on the 24th of June, 2021 over Kapresh refusal to cede the territory of Providence Rock to Faltree. There were also motives for Faltrian actions, such as supporting the Grand Republic of Kapreburg and the People's Movement for the Liberation of Kapreburg.

The Faltrian invasion of Providence Rock was a military operation conducted on the 11th of July 2021 by Faltrian forces who successfully captured Providence Rock from the Empire of Kapreburg. Following this, Jackson I of Kapreburg relinquished all claim of Providence Rock.

Operation Piss Shoot

On 17 August 2021, the United Republics claimed to have invaded the Fox Islands, claimed by Kapreburg in the north, and Baustralia in the south. This conflict was concerning at first, until image metadata forensics, a rarely used tactic if not the first time, was used to declare the operation a hoax. Baustralians joked about the investigation taking five minutes to determine the campaign a hoax. Before this, the Royal Rifles, an infantry regiment of the Baustralian Army, was the only unit assigned to assist in the civil war. After the operation, His Royal Navy assigned a ship. HMS Trent (S2), to assist as well, in case the Fox Islands are indeed invaded in the future.

Treaty of New Albuquerque

Since the ending of August, multiple people had been proposing treaties to end the war. On the 16th of September, Hunt Powell and Jackson I began drafting the Treaty of New Albuquerque. The treaty stated that Kapreburg would recognize Faltree's victory in the Faltrian-Kapresh War, that Wegmat would pull funding from the People's Movement for the Liberation of Kapreburg, and that Faltree, Ausveria, the Reunited Ocean States, Pontunia, Aleunnic Workers' Republic, and Empire of Laguna would withdraw support from the Grand Republic of Kapreburg, and all previously mentioned nations, as well as Baustralia would recognize each other and agree to not attack the Empire of Kapreburg, and the Empire of Kapreburg wouldn't attack any of the other nations, for 6 months after the treaty. It was signed on 18 September 2021.

Criticisms of parties

Constitution of the Grand Republic of Kapreburg

The Constitution of the Grand Republic of Kapreburg has received numerous pieces of criticism from micronationalists. The document features many flaws, contradicts itself in many legal ways, and did not define many things from a legal stance. One major issue was that the Constitution stated that citizens who serve in government must hold citizenship for over a month, however, the elections were to be held on 12 July 2021, effectively rendering this article useless. After being pointed out in a complaint document by Abrams Wiucki-Dunswed, the Constitution was unlawfully changed as no one was in already a citizen for over a month.[3][a]

Cyberharrassment as a method for war

The civil war itself has seen many signs of cyberharassment; majority of these cases involve Jackson I and his family which have no involvement with the war.[b] The majority of the harassment has been used as a type of dissent and is generally unrelated to the Civil War. People taunting Jackson I's weight or uploading images of his mother on Discord servers are two examples of this.[c]

Kapresh Star

Kapresh Civil War
Country Baustralia
TypeCampaign medal
Campaign(s)Kapresh Civil War
Next (higher)Civil War Star
Next (lower)Midlothian Star

The Kapresh Star is a medal given to any civilians and soldiers involved in the Kapresh Civil War. It was awarded to 14 sailors and 9 soldiers – totaling 23 – 10 of which are officers.

The medal is of a four-pointed star with pyramidal faces, with the emblem of the Baustralian Armed Forces, in the centre. It was awarded to members of HMS Trent (S5) and the Royal Rifles, as well as the Fourth Sea Lord and Controller of the Navy, who served as Commander-in-Chief of the Revalians.

The riband is a vertical triband of green, orange, and blue, which are the colours of the flag of Kapreburg.


  1. This is heavily disputed by the Grand Republic, as the Constitutions' final article claimed that the Provisional Council had full-rule over the nation as is.
  2. By association and connection with the Empire of Kapreburg, Jackson I's family members are Kapresh citizens, but hold no actual participation inside the war.
  3. The person that posted that image later apologized to Jackson and his mother.


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