2021 Kapresh walkout

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2021 Kapresh walkout
Part of Kapresh Civil War
A Proclamation By the Provisional Government of the Grand Republic of Kapreburg, dated 23 June 2021
Date23 June 2021
 Kapreburg (et. al.)
Caused byRefusal of Kapresh imperialism
Resulted inCreation of numerous alternative "Kapreburgs".
Parties to the civil conflict
Lead figures

The 2021 Kapresh walkout was an event that is credited for beginning the Kapresh Civil War. It occurred on 23 June 2021 when all 3 members of the Kapresh House of Commons resigned and founded the Grand Republic of Kapreburg.


The prelude to the war began on 23 June 2021, when Connor Shaw, Jacob Vancapelle, and Hunt Powell were spamming the Empire of Kapreburg discord server with different images, mocking Jackson I of Kapreburg. At 3:56 PM CDT a Discord server was made by Jacob Vancapelle, named "Kapreburg 2" At 4:07 PM CDT, Hunt Powell, Jacob Vancapelle, and Asher Young resigned from the House of Commons of Kapreburg. After this Powell and Vancapelle revoked their citizenship.

Creation of the factions

The invite for the Republic server was spread, and it gained many members. Jackson I was among some of the members, and quickly resorted to calling the people who started the server traitors. At 4:23 PM, Hunt Powell announced that he would invade the Kapresh territory of Providence Rock, however stated that he was unsure if he would invade it under the Aleunnic Worker's Republic, Faltree, or the Grand Republic of Kapreburg. A citizenship form for the Republic was posted at 4:25 PM CDT. At 4:26 PM it was renamed to the Grand Republic of Kapreburg to avoid confusion with the Republic of Kapreburg that lasted from January 2019 to May 2019. At 4:16 PM on 23 June, the Islamic Emirate of Kapreburg was formed, but then dissolved at 4:22 PM. At around 4:40 PM, Ezri Ambriz and Andrew Perdomo both declared their loyalty to the Empire of Kapreburg. At 5:02 PM, the Great Kapresh Empire was formed by Owen Bean. At 5:06 PM, the State of Kapreburg was formed by Matthew Cunningham, and is a fascist nation. At 5:08 PM, Owen Bean began discussing in the Grand Republic server if all the breakaway states should unite. Connor Shaw proposed they all merge into the Grand Republic, followed by Jacob Vancapelle expressing his support for this idea but stating that the State of Kapreburg was blocking this plan. At 5:18 PM the Grand Republic of Kapreburg issued an erroneous document under the name of the "Parliament of the Empire of Kapreburg" and claimed to dissolve the monarchy of Kapreburg. They also referred to the King as Emperor in the document. At 11:00 PM, the GKE was dissolved.