Republic of Wendatia

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Republic of Wendatia (eng)
República de Wendatia (es)
جمهورية وينداتيا (ar)

Flag of Wendatia.png
Coat of Arms of Wendatia.png
Coat of Arms

For freedom we take a stand
Hymn of Wendatia
Wendat Map.png
Controlled territory in red.
Capital cityAvienta
Largest cityPuerto Claria
- PresidentJonas Rhymer
- Deputy PresidentTYWUURM
LegislatureCongressional House
Established29 July 2020
Does not count total of citizens, rather total living in territory.
Currency Wendatian Dollar ($) (De Jure)U.S. dollar ($) (De Facto)
Time zoneUTC -4
National animalGreat Blue Heron

Official Site

The Republic of Wendatia is a micronation located in the Thumb area of Michigan. It controls 3 spots of the region, which consist of the capital (de facto), a house on the salt river, known as Port St. Clair, and an empty lot called "Pradera" It was declared on 29 July 2020. It has 3 states, and a population of 5 (Not counting honorary citizens). The nation claims it's goals to be spreading human rights and democracy around the world and is run by President Jonas Rhymer.


The official name comes from the Wendat people, a Native American people group that had settled in the area before European explorers.



Wendatia was founded on July 27th, 2020, as the Huronese Republic, Reason being “Cuz i have nothing to do at 5 am.” It was declared on a discord server known as the "Diarchy of Mapping", in their politics channel. The claims originally expanded the entire thumb of Michigan, however actual judicial control was limited to Jonas Rhymer’s backyard. The first president's name is unknown, but they are referred to as "TYWUURM", as it is their discord username. The presidents during the time it was called the Huronese Republic were TYWUURM, Andre Carnerio, Leon Montan, and Jonas Rhymer.

Transition to Wendatia

On 9 September 2020, the nation's name was changed to Wendat, and the disputed claims were receded. Eventually, a few days later, the country was Renamed to Wendatia, due to confusion with Wegmat. Jonas Rhymer officially ratified the Constitution of Wendatia on September 30th, 2020. Wendatia officially recognized Artsakh as independent on 28 September 2020. On 5 October 2020, Jamez became a supreme judge. On 10 October 2020, Wendatia became an observer state of the Cupertino Alliance, which was later revoked.

Present Day

The state of Pradera was admitted to the Republic on 21 October 2020. On the 1st of November, the government was reorganized. This replaced the role of Prime Minister with Deputy President, which had the role of assisting the president and running the Congressional House. On 7 November 2020, the first congressional elections begun. After a few days of martial law, troops left Pradera on 20 November 2020.

Politics and government

Wendatia is a Presidential system, in which the President holds as the executive & legislative head. They are also both Head of State and Head of Government. The Deputy President leads the Congressional House and assists the President.

Law and order

The High Courts of Wendatia is the official court of the nation. Citizens may take legal/criminal cases to the court. If the highest court is reached, the Supreme Judge decides on said case. New laws are voted on and passed by the Congressional House, which is led by the Deputy President. The Wendatian National Police Force (WNPF) is de jure the law enforcement of the country. However, no one actually operates in it.

Foreign relations

The Republic of Wendatia has an open policy to diplomatic relations. The Republic of Wendatia has foreign relations with, and/or signed Mutual Recognition Treaties with:

The Republic of Wendatia recognizes the following nations:

  • Flag of the United Nations.png All 193 UN member states and observers (Excluding the People's Republic of China)
  • Flag of Taiwan.png Taiwan (Republic of China)
  • Flag of Somaliland.png Somaliland
  • Flag of Western Sahara.png Western Sahara
  • Flag of Artsakh.png Artsakh [3]
  • Flag of Belarusian People’s Republic.png Coordination Council (Belarus)[4]

Former Foreign relations

The Republic of Wendatia had relations with the following nations:


The Wendatian People's Forces is made up of the Wendatian Land Forces and the Coast Guard of Wendatia. The Coast Guard consists of 2 boats docked at Puerto Claria. The army is mainly used for ceremonial purposes. The military's standard helmet is the Polish WZ67 steel helmet.


Wendatia is divided up into 3 states. Each state holds the same amount of power, and are run directly by governors. States are below government laws, and cannot override any laws set by the Congressional House.

Flag Emblem Name Description
Flag of Avienta.png Emblem of Avienta.png Avienta The state that contains the capital, Avienta.
Flag of Pantanal.png Emblem of Pantanal2.png Pantanal Forested area surrounded by a marsh, used for hunting. Also contains the city Puerto Claria
Flag of Tocaria.png Emblem of Pradera.png Pradera Empty field.


Wendatia's culture is very similar to those of the United States and Canada, mainly those of Michigan and Ontario.


Date Name Type Notes
1 January New Year's Day Secular Celebrated as the beginning of the new year.
31st December Christmas Secular In Wendatia, Christmas is considered a secular holiday with no religious meaning.
29 July Independence Day Secular Celebrating the independence of Wendatia


Most of the population is Atheist, and Wendatia has no official religion, nor state religion.


The Economy of Wendatia is heavily reliant on shipping, with Puerto Claria as its main port. Wendatia Republic Lines is the state owned shipping company, and is the only Micronational shipping company to operate ocean liners.


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