Great States of O'Duighan

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Great States of O'Duighan

24 November 2019 — 2 March 2021


Flag of O'Duighan.png
O'Duighan Socialist COA.png
Coat of Arms

For Freedom, We Shall Fight!
Hail Duighan!

Capital cityEdenville
Largest cityEdenville
Official language(s)English, Duighanish
Official religion(s)Christianity
GovernmentFederal Republic (2019-2020)
Federal Republic under a Para-Fascist Dictatorship (2020)
Federal Socialist One-Party Republic (2020-2021)
- Great PresidentHarold Duighan
Established24 November, 2021 (Ede 37, 1900)
Disestablished2 March, 2021
Population7 (2021)
CurrencyDuighan Moss

The Great States of O'Duighan, more commonly known as O'Duighan or just simply Duighan, is a micronation located in North America in the United States. It was founded by Harold Duighan, who is the current ruler, on Ede 37, 1900, and is run as a Cat People's Republic. The nation was dissolved on Ede 57, 1901. It was revived on Basemen 58, 1901, after Harold Duighan proclaimed that it was revived, which was caused by his own personal opinion and recent events regarding problems with the government.


The name of the nation was derived around a different spelling of Harold Duighan's last name. O'Duighan, or simply Duighan, is the Irish spelling of his last name, which Harold believed was a nice-sounding name, so he chose it as the name of his nation.


Politics and government

The nation is run as a Federal One-Party Socialist Republic. It consists of 2 states, Potatia and Basementia. It has a legislature known as the People's Council, which consists of 6 seats. The leader, known as the Great President, serves as the head of government as well as the head of state.

Foreign relations

O'Duighan does not have much relations with other nations, however it has begun to attempt to form relations in recent history


The military of O'Duighan is known as the Duighan People's Red Army, which is divided into three branches:

  1. The Duighan People's Red Ground Forces
  2. The Duighan People's Red Naval Forces
  3. The Duighan People's Red Air Forces

The Military currently consists of 2 soldiers, both of which are in the nation's most well-known military unit, the Broom Regiment, which was formed on September 5, 2020, as a force to be used against the Cat Rebels during the controversial Edenian-Cat War.

Geography and climate

This is a picture of the sky in O'Duighan, taken at 7:00 AM on November 5, 2020.
Picture of O'Duighan plains. This photo shows a small stone wall in the background. Taken on November 5, 2020.

The climate in O'Duighan is fairly temperate, with cold winters, and hot summers. It is mostly very flat in O'Duighan, consisting of mainly grassy plains. There are very few buildings in O'Duighan, consisting of only two buildings, Harold's house, which is also the seat of government, and a shed, located in the People's State of Shed.


So far, O'Duighan lacks a solid economy. However, the commercial industry in the nation has been on the rise for quite a while, mainly in regards to a company founded by Harold Duighan known as Doomclock456 Games, which is developing a video game that is set to be released in December of 2020, so the nation may begin to see commercial industry grow, which means the nation will officially begin having some sort of an economy!


The demographics of O'Duighan are not particularly diverse. Most citizens are Christian, as it makes up around 85% of the population, and the majority of the population consists of White Americans, the largest ethnic group in the nation. The majority of Duighan citizens are male, as males make up about 71% of the population, while females make up only 29% of the population. In terms of sexuality, Heterosexuals make up about 85% of the population as well, whilst Homosexuals make up only 15%.

Culture and media

The culture of the nation is made up of a mixture of Christian and Socialist values.

Foreign Relations/MRTs Signed

The Great States of O'Duighan has foreign relations with a few nations, and has even signed Mutual Recognition Treaties with them:

The Great States of O'Duighan recognizes the following nations:

  • Flag of the United Nations.png All 193 UN member states and observers
  • Flag of Taiwan.png Taiwan (Republic of China)
  • Flag of Somaliland.png Somaliland
  • Flag of Western Sahara.png Western Sahara
  • Flag of Artsakh.png Artsakh

South Ossetia Abkhazia

Former Foreign Relations

The Great States of O'Duighan had foreign relations with:


There are 3 states of O'Duighan, they go as follows:

Flag Coat of Arms Name Description Area Map
Basementia-flag.png People's State of Basementia 1st State of O'Duighan. Seat of government. 153 sq. feet

(0.0035 acres)

Basementia Map.png

Potatia-flag.png People's State of Potatia 2nd State of O'Duighan. Largest state in the nation. 618 sq. feet

(0.014 acres)

Potatia Map.png

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