Harold Duighan

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Isaiah Deegan
Isaiah in 2024.
Great President of O'Duighan
Assumed office
November 24, 2019
Personal information
Born 5 April 2006 (2006-04-05) (age 18)
South Carolina, United States
Citizenship O'Duighan, United States
Nationality Duighan
Political party None (Military)
Profession Political theorist, Historian
Religion Eastern Catholicism
Military service
Allegiance Great States of O'Duighan
Service/branch Great Militia
In service 2019 - Present

Harold Duighan, real name Isaiah Deegan, is a Duighan politician who leads the Great States of O'Duighan.


Isaiah Deegan is a Catholic, which has been his religion since birth as his father is a Catholic, so he followed what his father believed.

Personal Life

Isaiah is asexual. He is also a teetotaler and opposes smoking, drug use, and pornography.