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—  State of Wendatia  —
Jonas Rhymer flying the flag of Wendatia next to the CSX Delray Tower, located in Delray State.

 - Mayor vacant
Population (2021)
 - Total 6-7 (estimate)

Delray, officially the State of Delray, is a State of the Co-operative Republic of Wendatia located in the Delray and Carbon Works neoighborhoods of Detroit. Tied with Arroyo, it is the most populated state, with around 6-7 residents. It's capital is Delraya-Carban.


The word "Delray" is an anglicized version of "Del Rey", which in Spanish means "of the Kings", which was adopted as one of the Neighborhood's names which Wendatia partially claims.



Despite being in a suburb of w:Detroit, Delray's geography is very barren, almost rural, due to the constant exodus from it's area. A majority of Delray is w:Urban prairie, with a few houses, some of which are abandoned. Close to the territory is the Rouge River, and Zug Island, with the latter being a contributing factor to the area having the worst air quality in Michigan.