Deputy President of Wendatia

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Deputy President of the Co-operative Republic of Wendatia
Coat of Arms of Wendatia.svg
Coat of Arms
Flag of Wendatia.svg
Aidan McGrath

since 30 May 2021
Inaugural holderTYWUURM

The Deputy President of Wendatia is the head of government of Wendatia. They serve as the head of the Legislature.

List of Deputy Presidents

Deputy President In Office
1 No picture available-female.png TYWUURM
Rally for Wendatia
???? - 1 December 2020
2 Ena portrait (idk why).png Leah Telford
Green Party of Wendatia
1 December 2020 - 8 February 2021
3 Gray - replace this image male.svg.png Brennan Sullivan (acting)
Green Party of Wendatia
8 February 2021
4 Benjamin Pickles in August 2021.jpg Benjamin Pickles
Democratic Party of Wendatia
26 February 2021 - 27 March 2021
5 Jhmarino portrait.png Eoin O'Lachtna
Democratic Party of Wendatia
27 March 2021 - 30 May 2021
6 Leon Montan with Six Montan.jpg Leon Montan
Green Party of Wendatia
30 May 2021-27 August 2021
7 Aidan in May, 2019.png Aidan McGrath
Democratic Party of Wendatia
27 August 2021