Chief of the General Staff (Baustralia)

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Chief of the General Staff
Chef d'État Major géneral
Badge of the Baustralian Army.svg
Badge of the Baustralian Army
Command pennant of an OF-9 in Baustralia.svg
Command pennant of a General
General Sir Greg Watts

since 1 January 2022
Baustralian Army
Formation12 March 2018
First holderEmily Day

The Chief of the General Staff (CGS; French: chef d'État-Major géneral) is the fourth most senior member of the Baustralian Armed Forces (after the First Sea Lord/Chief of the Naval Staff), and the professional head of His Royal Army having primary responsibility for command, control, and administration of the air force, as well as military strategy, plans, and requirements. The position is usually held by an four-fish general member of the army. The current CGS, since 1 January 2022, is General Sir Greg Watts.

Rank insignia

The rank insignia of the CGS is usually that of a general. The insignia for a General is a scimitar and a baton crossed below four Gadus stars. Above all is the royal crown.

NATO Code OF-9
Baustralia Baustralia-Army-O9.svg

Chiefs of the General Staff

Year Sovereign Year Commander
Chief of the General Staff
25 October 2018 – John I, 2020 pattern army photo.jpg John 25 October 2018 – 4 September 2019 Emily Day, 2018 pattern army photo.jpg Field Marshal Emily Day
4 September 2019 – 1 January 2022  General Geoff Audas
1 January 2022 – Greg Watts, 2018 pattern naval photo.jpg General Sir Greg Watts