Fox Islands Campaign hoax

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Operation Piss Shoot
Part of the Kapresh Civil War
Photograph of a URM flag on a tree (proposedly) in South Fox Island
Date17 August 2021
  • Drummond, Michigan (suggested by the photograph metadata)
  • Fox Islands (claimed by Evan Callies)
Result Determined as a hoax by numerous sources[1]
United Republics
Commanders and leaders
None present as operation was a hoax
3 ships
1 soldier
9 assissting civilians
(all disproven)
None present as operation was a hoax
Casualties and losses
1 wounded[a] None present as operation was a hoax

Operation Piss Shoot, better known as the codename for the Fox Islands Campaign, was a unsuccessful military operation mission carried out by 1 soldier of the United Republics Army and 9 assisting citizens of the United Republics on 17 August 2021. Claiming to "capture" both North & South Fox Island from Kapreburg and Baustralia, it was revealed to be a hoax through forensic analysis of image metadata, an uncommon tactic in micronational warfare. Mainly infamous are the photographs for this hoax; later being found to be taken on Drummond Island.


In early July 2021, Evan Callies started planning an operation to take the Islands from the Baustralian and Kapresh crowns under the Grand Republic of Kapreburg. Jacob Vancapelle opposed to this operation due to the history of a pedophile ring on one of the islands, c. 1960. Callies and Vancapelle debated the operation before communication was broken between the two. After this, Callies decided to "invade" the Fox Islands anyway on behalf of his own nation.

Claimed occupation and disproval

On the early morning of 17 August 2021, the United Republics claimed to have set off of Beaver Island in Lake Michigan to the Fox Islands, taking three boats to the islands. When they arrived, they mounted two flags on trees: one for each island. Metadata embedded in the photographs revealed that the photographs were taken at a different location. A few hours later, although unlikely given the distance between the three islands, they returned to Beaver Island. King Jackson I of Kapreburg suggested this trip would have taken around eight hours, rather than "a few".

Two photographs were taken during this claimed campaign: United Republic forces purported (and retain) one image to be of the flag hung against a tree in South Fox Islands, while the other was taken of the same on the north. A Kapresh letter, with further investigation by the Baustralian Armed Forces, revealed the image was taken from an iPhone 6S, on 17 August 2021, at 9:00 p.m., ET. The KNAP investigation is not conclusive on the time zone.

Further evidence of the faked landing can be seen in the tagged location. The coordinates led to the outside of a wooded area, with a rocky beach, and a boat dock on Drummond Island. At the bottom of the picture of the flag in the water, South Fox Island appears rocky. Using satellite imagery, this was quickly proven otherwise. Baustralians joked about the investigation taking five minutes to determine the campaign a hoax.


  1. Claimed by the URM, a citizen supposedly fell by accident on South Fox Island and wounded himself.


  1. Jackson I. "Disproval of the Fox Islands Campaign (Operation Piss Shoot)" (PDF). Retrieved 19 August 2021.