Jacob Mayjames, 1st Viscount Mayjames

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The Right Honourable Vice admiral
The Viscount Mayjames
The Lord Mayjames, 2020 pattern naval photo.jpg
Viscount Mayjames in No. 3C order of dress
1st Prime Minister of Wangatangia
Assumed office
20 November 2017
Governor-GeneralBlair Hardwick
Personal details
CitizenshipBaustralian, Wangatang, Canadian
NationalityCanadian, Polish, English
Political partyFounding Party of Wangatangia
Other political
Nationalist Party of Baustralia
Military service
Allegiance Baustralia
Service/branch His Royal Navy
RankBaustralia-Navy-O8 (infobox).svg Vice admiral
CommandsHMF Wangatangia (2018-2019)
HMS Champion (U599) (2018-2019)
Third Sea Lord and Fleet Commander

The Right Honourable Vice admiral Jacob Mayjames, 1st Viscount Mayjames KG KO CKB OW MM HRN is a Wangatang politician serving as the first Prime Minister of Wangatangia. He was born 23 December 2003 in Belleville Ontario, and now lives in Wangatangia.

Titles, decorations, and styles

Full title

Lord Mayjames' full title is:

The Right Honourable Vice admiral Jacob Phillip Louis Mayjames, 1st Viscount Mayjames, in the Town of Englewood, in the Province of Bouland, in the Country of Wangatangia, 1st Lord Governor of the Colony of Wangatangia, 1st Third Sea Lord and Fleet Commander, Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Gadus, Knight Companion of the Honourable Order of the Oyster, Companion of the Order of the Kingdom of Baustralia, Chancellor of the Order of Wangatangia, Minty Medal, His Royal Navy

Service ribbons, orders, and decorations

Ribbon bars of the Viscount Mayjames
Ribbon bar of a knight-lady of the gadus.svg
Ribbon bar of a Knight of the Oyster.svgCKB.svgOW.svgRibbon bar of the Minty Medal.svg



Coat of arms of the Viscount Mayjames
Arms of the Viscount Mayjames.svg
Coronet of a viscount
Gules, in chief two wheat garbs or lashed vert on a chevron of the second three escallops sable
Dexter an army general proper holding a mace sinister a lion per fess or and gules
Other elements
Dexter a flag of Wangatangia (per pale azure and or a 'W' or) sinister a flag of Baustralia (tierced per pale azure, argent and the first a fish naiant counterchanged)