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Devin Purcell

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His Excellency
Devin Purcell
President of the Penn Federal Republic

HE President Devin Purcell, 2022, adorned with his Citation of the Silver Dragon
President of the Penn Federal Republic
Assumed office:
31 December 2020
Vice President
Vice Presidents
Predecessor Office established
Representative for the District of Medici to the Penn Federal Republic
Assumed office:
26 April 2022
President Himself
Vice Presidents
Deputy Speaker Zed
Predecessor Office established
Successor Vacant
Caucus Majority (11%)
Consul-General of Vishwamitra to Pennsylvania
Assumed office:
6 April 2022
Rashtradhyaksh Varuna Sriraya
Prime Minister Farhaz Hazarika
Ambassador to the United States Phillip Joseph Pillin
Predecessor Office established
Member of the Chamber of Representatives of Roscamistan
In office:
20 April 2022 – 4 June 2022
President Doros Patusky
Thomas Jacobs
Majority Leader Ludwig Collins
Predecessor Sean Dunkerque
Successor Horia Zelea
Caucus Majority (9th in Rank)
Director of Policy (VNP)
In office:
16 September 2022 – 17 March 2023
Party President Rory Leonard
Party Vice President Thomas Jacobs
Reuben Isze
Predecessor Office established
Successor Vacant
Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha
Assumed office:
10 November 2022
Speaker Tyler Mullins
Leader of the House Duke Farhaz Hazarika
Leader of the Opposition Toyotomi-Kim Tatsumi
Dinesh Rajagopalan
Predecessor Vacant
President of Ostton
In office:
10 November 2022 – 3 May 2023
Prime Minister Fabian Jusep
Speaker of the National Assembly Tobey Wyles
Predecessor Tobey Wyles
Successor Esty Carpentieri
Personal Information
Born 14 December 2006 (2006-12-14) (age 17)
Nationality  United States
Ethnicity Caucasian
Political party w:United States Independent
Other political
Religion None (atheist)
Military service
Allegiance  Penn Federal Republic
Service/branch Militia of the Pennian State
In service 2020 -
Rank Colonel
Unit 1st Militia "Capital" Regiment
Commands Combined Forces Command
Battles/wars Dracul-Graustarkian Affair

Devin Purcell (born 14 December 2006) is an American-born micronationalist politician, musician, and content creator. He is the founder and current President of the Penn Federal Republic. Purcell also holds active roles in numerous other micronations, mostly diplomatic; as a result of which, he has achieved relative notability in the community for his leadership skills. As a musician, Purcell has released one EP and six singles. He has been heavily involved in the development of the Modern Era of the MicroWiki sector,[citation needed] especially by his influence in the MicroWiki@Discord community and micronationalist Twitter.

Early life

Devin was born on 14 December 2006, in New Jersey, United States. He attends school in Pennsylvania. He identifies himself as being an atheist, believing that the existence of a higher power is improbable.


Devin's introduction to micronationalism was through learning about the Republic of Molossia, the Commonwealth of Dracul, as well as other notable micronations. This inspired him to create the Penn Federal Republic, named after the founder of Pennsylvania, William Penn. Established on 31 December 2020, Purcell established a government, wrote a constitution, and became the first President of the nation. Active in numerous micronations including the Republic of Roscamistan as a representative, the State of Vishwamitra as Consulate General to Pennsylvania, and the Commonwealth of Dracul for his diplomacy, he became of relative notability in the community for his leadership skills.

As founder and President of the Penn Federal Republic, he has made several instrumental changes in the structure of the nation, shuffling his cabinet twice, during the August Affair and the March 2022 Cabinet Reshuffle. He has taken the advice, inspiration, and support of a variety of well known micronationalists to establish the Penn Federal Republic as a relatively well known nation, mostly known in the MicroWiki sphere.


Devin Purcell has received international recognition for his music, becoming a verified Spotify artist. His discography contains one EP, and six singles.[1][2][3][4] He creates music under the electronic genre, usually with a subgenre of varying options of dubstep, Lo-Fi, or dance.

Devin Purcell's Discography
Name Featuring Album Length Genre Released
Relax Relax - Single 2:33 Electronic 2018
Rainbow Unicorns Rainbow Unicorns - Single 2:22 Electronic/Dubstep 2018
Reborn Reborn EP 1:00 Electronic 2019
Reverb Reborn EP 1:06 Electronic 2019
Revival Reborn EP 1:00 Electronic 2019
Moon Light RizeDown22 Reborn EP 0:57 Electronic 2019
The Water's Edge The Water's Edge - Single 1:13 Electronic 2019
Fish Tank Fish Tank - Single 1:17 Dance/Electronic 2020
Northstar SPY_Frost Northstar - Single 2:34 Electronic 2020
Night Nostalgia Night Nostalgia - Single 2:15 Electronic/Lo-Fi 2021

Titles, styles, and honors


National titles

Foreign titles


Devin's official titles are normally styled in the shortened form as "President Devin Purcell." His full preferred styling differs between nations, as does his titles in said nations.


National honors

Foreign honors

Former honors
State honors


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