Austenasian Police

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Austenasian Police
Founded 13 December 2008
General nature Law enforcement
Local civilian police
Attorney General The Hon. Sir Isaiah Burdette, OAO
Chief Inspector Lord John Gordon, Viscount of Thetford
General information
Jurisdiction Empire of Austenasia
Standard weapon Wooden baton

The Austenasian Police are the national civilian police force of the Empire of Austenasia, responsible for enforcing the law, enhancing public safety, maintaining order, arresting criminals, and protecting the government. The Austenasian Police is overseen by the Ministry of Justice.

The Austenasian Police was founded in December 2008 by Act 29 of the Parliament of Austenasia, but did not have an official name and was referred to only as the "Police of Austenasia". Act 49, passed on 17 January 2009, officially named the police force the Austenasian Police, and put it under the authority of the Home Office as well as setting out a more detailed ranking system. After the enactment of the Austenasian Constitution of 2011, the Austenasian Police retained its 2009 form by an Imperial Decree until 8 October 2013, when the Police Act 2013 was passed. This Act, under which the Austenasian Police is currently structured, placed the laws structuring the police into a single Act of Parliament, and made some slight reforms taking into account the small number of police officers within the area. The Ministry of Justice and Home Office Reform Act 2019, jurisdiction over the Austenasian Police was transferred to the newly-established Ministry of Justice.

Role and organisation

The main duty of the Austenasian Police is law enforcement. Maintaining public order and the prevention and investigation of crimes are other high-priority duties. As part of maintaining public order, police officers are used by the Home Office for border control purposes.

The head of the Austenasian Police is the Chief Inspector, appointed by the Attorney General with the consent of the Prime Minister. The Chief Inspector is accountable to the Ministry of Justice and must regularly report to the Attorney General.

Each Town, City and Territory has a local police force (law enforcement within Crown Dependencies is the responsibility of the dependency's Governing Commissioner). Town and City police forces are headed by an Inspector appointed by the Chief Inspector, and Territory police forces are headed by their Governors (appointed by Parliament or the Monarch).

Inspectors and Governors may recruit others into the police force to assist them in their policing duties. They have the rank of Constable, but if a police force consists of more than three people then the Inspector or Governor may bestow the rank of Sergeant on their deputy.

The current heads of police forces are as follows:


Ranks within the Austenasian Police, in hierarchical order, are:

  • Chief Inspector (CI)
  • Inspector (PI)/Governor
  • Sergeant (PS)
  • Constable (PC)