Monarchy of the Islands of Omaha

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Zabëlle Skye was the ceremonial Head of State of the Islands of Omaha from 20182020. Zabëlle was also serving as the Prince of New Eiffel and Prince of Livettree during the entire time as was head of state.

The monarch had no powers, as it was only a ceremonial role. Zabëlle was reportedly unhappy with his position, however due to Omaha's independence agreement he could not abdicate. Following the long inactivity from Omaha starting in June 2019, Zabëlle's term stopped after Omaha defunct on 29 January 2020.

Zabëlle also later abdicated from New Eiffelic on 20 June 2020.

Portrait Name Term Start Term End Birth Death
Zabëlle Skye 8 December 2018 29 January 2020 18 November 2004
Zabëlle I
8 December 2018 — 29 January 2020: Head of State of The Islands of Omaha (or a similar variation)