List of New Eiffelic monarchs

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Name Image Arms Ruled Duration Born House Prince Minister(s)[a]
His Majesty
Zarel I
ZarelJune2019.jpeg TBA
11 August 2018
20 June 2020
1 year, 314 days
18 November 2004
Epsom, Surrey, UK
Daleen Smith (2018)
Joost Smith (2019)
Christina Nowell (2020, interim)
Leon Montan (2020, interim)
His Majesty
Joost I
JOOST Smith in December 2019.jpeg TBA
20 June 2020
210 days
16 August 2006
Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, UK
Leon Montan (2020, interim)


30 July, Joost made it known he was uninterested in ruling on, and made remarks hinting at him wanting to disestablish New Eiffel, which, although, would have been unconstitutional, added further instability to the ongoing crisis. Eventually, after months of attempting to find a solution with Joost, with some proposals including changing New Eiffel's territorial claims, the other residents sided with Joost and had publicly expressed their opposition to New Eiffel's claim to sovereignty. New Eiffel was unexpectedly declared dissolved on 1 November 2020 at midnight 12:00 p.m. (NET; UTC). This lead to the monarchy dissolving as well


  1. Or first minister