Foreign relations of New Eiffel

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The Principality of New Eiffel has formal diplomatic relations with 17 micronations (3 of which are now defunct), and has Informal relations with 7 other micronations.


Formal diplomatic relations

Micronation Relations began Notes
 Socialist United Republic of Ünie 2 February 2019 Signed a treaty of mutual recognition and friendship.
Confederate Mahusetan Flag.svg Confederation of Mahuset 9 March 2019 Signed the Treaty of Mutual Recognition and establishment of Bilateral Diplomatic Relations between the Confederation of Mahuset and the Principality of New Eiffel. Prince Zabëlle I is also the candidate of a Mahuset political party SDP.
New Vryland flag.png Kingdom of Vryland (now defunct) Late March 2019 New Eiffel is really close to Vryland, bonding over both nations being of Afrikaans heritage.
 Phokland 4 April 2019 (or earlier) [1]
Flag of New Arc.png Republic of New Arc 1 June 2019 Signed a treaty of mutual recognition.
Flagledoff2.png Principality of Ledilia 8 June 2019 Signed a treaty of diplomatic relations.
Abeldane flag.jpg Abeldane Empire 19 July 2019 Signed a treaty of mutual recognition.
 Plushunia 5 August 2019 Plushunia holds an embassy in New Eiffel.
FLAGMNG.png Union of Millania and New Granada 25 August 2019 Millania holds an embassy in New Eiffel.
Wegmatflag.jpeg Wegmat 21 September 2019 Signed a treaty of mutual recognition.
 Kapreburg 14 October 2019 Signed the Treaty of Relations and Mutual Recognition

Between the Principality of New Eiffel and the Empire of Kapreburg.

Informal relations

Micronation Relations began Notes
 Molossia 9 August 2018
 Iustus 28 September 2018 Prince Zabëlle I contacted President Austin Jaax requesting to have mutual relations with the Republic of Iustus (modern day Empire of Iustus), this request was denied however New Eiffel and Iustus became informal friends. As of October 2019, no further relations have taken place.
Uriimperio.jpg Empire of Urielandia 8 December 2018
 Ikonia 12 December 2018
 Austenasia 14 March 2019 Prince Zabëlle I serves as the baron of Green Gate for Austenasia.
PRPH flag.png People's Republic of Ponderosa Hills June 2019


Border Dispute with Livettree

Catholique Socialist Republic, Baustralia and the League of Nations

Intermicronational organisation participation


Grand Unified Micronational

Micronational Olympic Federation

Cupertino Alliance

Organisation of North American States

Asia-Pacific Alliance

Commonwealth of Sovereignties (ComSov)


League of Nations

Christian Micronational Union

North Atlantic Defense Union

Québécois Commonwealth

League of Professional Nations

Pacts and treaties

Intermicronational treaties

New Eiffelic Commonwealth