Presidential Republic of Livettree

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Presidential Republic of Livettree
Livettree Flag-16.jpeg

J'Attendrai - Rina Ketty
Capital citySaint Belina
Largest citySaint Belina
Official language(s)French
Recognised languagesEnglish, Arabtemporarian
Official religion(s)Catholic Christianity
Short namePRL
Established24 November 2018
CurrencyPRL Dollar
New Eiffelic Ping
National sportFootball
National dishPizza
National drinkTea
National animalFox
Patron saintSt. Belina

The Presidential Republic of Livettree (PRL) (French: La République Présidentielle de livettree) is a French micronation located next to England and another micronation called New Eiffel. PRL was founded on 24 November 2018 after an independence referendum from New Eiffel.