Kingdom of New Finland

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Kingdom of New Finland
Flag of the Kingdom of New Finland.jpeg
Coat of arms
'Motto: 'God bless the mothers, the fathers, and the children
and largest city
Official languagesAfrikaans
New Finlandic
GovernmentSome form of Constitutional Monarchy
• King
George Smith (first)
Zabëlle Skye (last)
• Prime Minister
Zabëlle Skye (June 2018)
• Minister
Janus Smith
• First Ster
Maria Smith
• Second Ster
Samuel Smith
• Census
CurrencyŁight Net (official)
British Pound Sterling
South Africa rand
Time zoneUTC
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Republic of New Finland
Principality of New Temporary

The Kingdom of New Finland which was erroneously known as the United Democratic People's Republic o' New Finland (Afrikaans: Die Verenigde Demokratiese Mense Se Republiek van New Finland), was a short-lived monarchist micronation, and is the successor of the Republic of New Finland and the predecessor to the present-day Principality of New Temporary (now known as New Eiffel). The Kingdom was established on 4 June 2018, and disestablished on 11 August 2018.

The capital city was Smithington, which is modern day New Leeds.

Government and politics

New Finland was a constitutional monarchy first under the rule of King George I then later King Zabëlle I.


HRANE were the official armed forces of New Finland. New Finland had no navy nor airforce.

Law and order

The law was enforced by the Police Force of New Finland and the neighbourhood watch.

Men and women both had the same rights in the military. Unlike present day New Eiffel, LGBT rights were equal to that of heterosexual persons. One could also legally change ones own gender.


Łight Net was the official currency in circulation.


The film industry was massive in New Finland, with 19 short films having been released and officially registered, although this number might have been higher since not all short films were automatically registered.

All films intended for theatrical or home video release had to be granted an age rating certificate by the Official New Eiffel Ratings Board, which can give a film one of eight ratings:

  • AA (Any age. No age required.)
  • AAWW (Any age with warning. Some content may not be suitable for some children.)
  • 13A (Must be over the age of 13 unless given permission by a parent or a guardian.)
  • 13 (Must be over the age of 13.)
  • 15 (Must be over the age of 15.)
  • 16 (Must be over the age of 16.)
  • X18 (Must be over the age of 18.)
  • R (Rejected. The film has been banned.)

There was no penalty for watching a film if you were under the age limit, as the age ratings were supposed to be guidelines.


National symbols

New Finland had no official national anthem. Listed below are what were some of the national symbols of New Finland:

  • National Animal: Cat
  • National Drink: Finn-Sap
  • National Bird: Robin
  • National Tree: Apple Tree
  • National Flower: Rose
  • National Musical Instrument: Recorder (Unofficially)